Tuesday, July 19, 2016

AOL Online Support is a Complete and Total Joke

AOL support is a total joke. I am 91 years old but of sound mind.  I recently had a compromised credit card and on checking found several charges from AOL for services I had neither ordered or used. Attempting to get help from various AOL customer service sources was futile.

They said that I was a paying customer for 6 years.  To my knowledge I have NOT been a paying customer to AOL for at least 18 years. They have sent countless emails but never responded to mine.  I even attempted to call their main office in New York but was connected to an Indian speaking person who was quite inadequate. 

Today I receive a communication letter from them demanding payment.  I called the listed number and was told that I did not owe anything.  I have CHF and this melee is really distressing for me. I want to continue with free AOL until I can update.

But my complaint is simple. I was billed for services I never ordered, never used and listed as a paying member when I have been using free email. How are they able to do this?

Today I was very offended by the AOL.com news editors for their continuous bashing of Hillary in their articles.  Headlines read "Clinton "booed" after lashing out at Sanders over Wall Street transcripts", "Clinton called out for "racist" phrase at heated debate", and "Woman has harsh response when asked if she'd vote for Hillary Clinton".

 I did not see a negative headline regarding Bernie Sanders, and their were moments at the debate that were also unfavorable for Bernie.  In one of the articles it was even written the AOL News team attended Bernie Sanders rally in New York.  I understand that the media attends different rallies, but what I am not understanding why the AOL News team is being so negative against Hillary. 

Is the CEO of AOL promoting Bernie Sanders or is the AOL New Team supporting Bernie Sanders?  I do not understand why the AOL News team is being so bias, unless this is what the CEO wants or the CEO is not aware how the AOL News team is being very bias on the articles that they are writing about Hillary. 

AOL can report the news fairly and I do hope in the future that the AOL news team will try to strive to be neutral. 

I have been with AOL for many many years, but if the AOL news team continues to bash Hillary, I would not want to spend my next 8 years with AOL reading their articles bashing Hillary if she wins 2 elections. Whatever can be done to help make the AOL News team be more neutral and fair would be very appreciated.