Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I'm Ready to Cancel AOL Services Due to Poor Service

I have been a customer of AOL for a long number of years, and I was never unhappy with them until now. Today, I noticed that they charged me for $19.95 for something that I did not order.  I called the customer service line and got a person from the  Philippines who did not speak clearly.

It took much longer than usual for her to get my information and to explain my problem about the charge to her.  Finally, she told me that she would have to transfer me to another complaint department.  When I got to that department, there was a message that I had to call during office business hours. 

My call was on Sunday, and I assume no on works in the billing department on Sunday.  Today is May 1, but the charge to my debit card is dated May 2.  I will have to call tomorrow to find out why I got this charge.  I have not asked for any new kind of service from AOL.  If I clicked on some AOL pop-up and got charged, I am not aware of it.

I am paying $22.95 because a few years ago I signed up for the technical   service for which I was more than pleased.

I was amazed at the accuracy and care from these people.  Lately though, AOl has replaced those very efficient technical people with people from Romania who do not speak good English.  I needed my computer checked and the person sent me a message that I did not need to wait until they finished.

A was away for a short time, but when I returned, the person was gone.  I had not finished asking my questions, or getting my problem solved.  Another time, a person was trying to help me.  I left the call thinking that I was accomplishing nothing.

I am disappointed and amazed to find that AOL has dumped such people on us for technical help.  It is bad enough that they are very hard to understand, but I find that I would rather carry my lap-top to a local shop instead of having to deal with the people AOL has replaced for those wonderful technicians they had before.

I doubt the ability of these new people. I am very unhappy with the load of advertising pop-ups that spoil my visits to the Internet.

To say the least, I am not pleased with AOL now. I don’t feel that they are the company that they once were.  Since I was born and have always lived in the U. S., I want to speak to Americans who speak clearly.  I hate spending so much time trying to get these international people to understand me and for me to understand them. 

I hate it when American companies dump all these foreign speaking people on us to help with our problems.  I am no longer happy with AOL service.

Everything worked fine for me until you changed the system to track our portfolios. Before I could call up my portfolios whether on my iPad, iPhone or my desktop pc by just clicking on a saved FAV location and the P's would immediately come up.

After the change I tried on my mobile devices to log into my account and go to my Port. and then save that location to my FAVs for future use. The only problem is I sign in, hit financials and it asks me to log in, again, which I do, and then it looks like it will bring up my Port., but then it brings up a sign in request, again.

On my desktop it only works marginally better. At least I can call up my P's. However,the new system seems to be a lot less responsive. The screen rolls very slow, when at all and when I try to make a change to a Port. it takes forever to register.

To be honest with you, one of the main reasons I've been a loyal (paying) customer of aol all these yrs. (20+) was I  liked the convenience of tracking my Portfolios on my mobile devices on your system. Hence if you don't get this defect fixed and most of my reasons for staying are gone.