Monday, July 25, 2016

Best Buy Geek Squad Just Lost a Customer

Around noon on 24-Jul-2016 I went into Best Buy with my 4 year old personal computer to get it looked at due to it beeping and having a black screen.  I entered the store and moved to the Geek Squad customer service area.  In this area I was asked if I had an appointment to which I stated no.  You see it has been a couple of years since the last time I used the Squad but at that time there was no appointment slots in the process.

At any rate, the Technician then asked if I would like the 1415 hour time slot as this was the only one available I agreed to take it and then he asked me what was the issue.  I informed him of the beeping sound and black screen to which he indicated that he could take a look at the computer. 

He simply opened it and confirmed the beeping sound and black screen and then went into the exuberant cost about how much a repair of this nature could amount to, how the computer had met its life span and that I would be better off with a new computer. 

I walked away dejected to say the least.  My computer is immaculate and I rarely use it but when I had problems in the past the Geek squad assisted me with without hesitation and with an evaluation of the computer. 

This time however I was met with whether or not I had an appointment, no real assistance in looking beyond confirming the beeping and black screen and then simply the option of a high cost repair or new computer.   So this is what the "Geek Squad" has become?

In my dejected state, I drove down the street to a place called Computer Guild.  They fix/repair computers.  I explained to him my dilemma.  He took my computer as I stood there with no appointment, remove some screws, pulled the ram memory cards, cleaned one of them and put them back in the computer.

It took about 2 minutes and these actions fixed my computer.  Thank God for Computer Guild and the ability to know what service in consumer service still means in this world.  So much for the exuberant repair cost and need for a new computer.  No thanks Geek Squad and Best Buy…I really hope you haven’t become too big for good and effective customer service but from what I experienced yesterday I think you have.

Frankly, after this scenario the Geek Squad just lost a customer and so did Best Buy because if I ever need a computer again I will be shopping elsewhere.