Monday, July 25, 2016

Comcast $500 Scam Visa Gift Card Package

I received a flyer from Comcast headquarters and I went into the office at Harrisburg, PA to order the package that would qualify me for the Visa Gift Card of $500. I was told the package I ordered qualified me for the gift card and that I would receive the card when I made my first payment and that never happened. I was told later that I would receive my gift card after 3 payments made on time.

So I then made my third payment and no gift card. I called the rewards center again and was told it went by the date I signed up so I wouldn't receive my card until after the 8th of May 2016.

Still no gift card. I called the rewards center again and was told that I didn't qualify for the gift card because I upgraded my service. I was very upset and called customer service only to be told that there wasn't anything that could be done because I didn't get the right triple play. At this point I was very upset and started to have a panic attack at which time I ended the call to customer service. I'm am a disabled person living on a very tight budget.

The gift card was promised to me and I was told I did qualify for the card when I originally signed up and fulfilled my obligation. Please tell me that this is not how Comcast conducts all their business with their customers. I'm am very disappointed and at this time I would not recommend Comcast to anyone.

So, a Comcast xfinity tech was across street doing a new install. I was building a floor in my attic at 63 Tidal Lane Saint Augustine Fl 32080.  The tech a big black man came across to my house and said he had lost his cable cutters at his last job and would I have a pair of cable cutters he could use to do the job across the street.  I said I did and gave him my cutters and he said he would return them before he left the job.  He finished the job and left without returning my cable cutters. 

I went across the street and talked to my new neighbor who said he had left but was kind enough to give me the paperwork he left so I could try and get my cable cutters back.  I called the customer service dept. and they took the information and assigned a Job # for the call which was 503291 and was told someone would be contacting me shortly so the tech could return the cable cutters as promised.  The person who took the call at Comcast was Mike.  I have not heard back from anyone at this time. 

My neighbor said the tech had gone but left some of his equipment at her house but returned shortly to pick up his tools.  Those cable cutters were given to me by my father who passed away two years ago and I would like to get them back. I hope you can get the tech to return my equipment.