Friday, July 29, 2016

Delta Airlines Customer Service Was Unacceptable

I normally am not too irritated and never complain regarding moderately delayed Delta flights.  However, the hassle I experienced on Friday May 29th trying to get home to Chicago, IL (ORD) from San Antonio, TX (SAT) was just unacceptable customer service.  I am not oblivious to the plight of airline operations.  There was a door light on so we had to do an emergency stop in Des Moines, IA.

With that being said we were stuck at the airport there for nearly 5 hours with an infant.  I ran out of diapers and food for her not knowing I would be stuck at an airport for that long. Who knew that a pack of only 2 diapers were $8 and that I had to continuously buy them.   Not only did we have a bad experience with the delay we also had a bad experience with the people in charge of the Delta gate there in Des Moines.

They were rather disrespectful and useless throughout the whole shenanigans.  The flight kept getting delayed longer and longer which they refused to keep us updated and when we went to ask them questions they become extremely hostile. After 5 hours with no flight, I had to contact my fianc√© to drive from Harvard, IL all the way to Des Moines, IA to pick us up. All the money spent at the airport and the drive to and from the airport was the same amount as the plane ticket.

If I would have known all this would have happened I would have driven home from Texas. Luckily I barely made it in time for work the next day with no sleep. This has been the worst experience on a plane I have ever had, especially with an infant. I will not be flying with you guys (DELTA) again and will discourage friends and family from doing so.

Who knew coming home from a family funeral would be such a hassle. Delta miles are not an acceptable form of compensation. The money and time lost from this ordeal was greater than as if we had driven straight home from Texas, which is absurd, and embarrassment to your airline.