Friday, July 29, 2016

Delta Airlines Overcharges Customers $125 Bag Fees

I was charged $125 by Delta billing department for my suitcase as they said is was over weight by 13 pounds but I could not at the time take anything out cause I had nothing to carry it with. I paid $25 for the same suitcase in Fort Lauderdale on the way up and $125 for the way back same weight and suitcase, doesn't make sense.

In addition to my arrival at Fort Lauderdale, my suitcase was not delivered and I had to run out of there cause I had to go coach a baseball game a doubleheader in Coral Springs about 45 minutes away. When I took my suitcase receipt over to the baggage department, they looked up my receipt number and said my bag was put on another flight and that I had to weight 2 hrs for it.

This was a real inconvenience and I hope you understand. I love delta and will be flying it again. I don't mind paying for the bad $25 but $125 is not good, my request is to refund me my $100 for this situation. Please address this with, I feel like given you my credit card info but I will wait to hear from you. I was on Delta 2129 Rochester to Atlanta and the 1589 Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale Saturday July 11th.

After being at MDW for 3 hours for a flight to MN then to IDA, lost it all. Was then shipped to O'Hara to catch a flight to SLC then to IDA. My original was to be in IDA at 1300 and finally got there at 2100. Had a 4 hr wait in O'Hara after already been at MDW for 3 hrs. Pay all this money and go thru this is a killer.

Then get hit with $25 twice for checking a bag. Come on. Seats are smaller and not nice when most the people are getting bigger. Leaves like no room and very tight. Might not be much for you but the expense I had to pay out hurt me. Making different arrangements wasn't easy either. Seems I should get something for my problems I endured. But each airport said nothing can be done.

On Sunday, we checked in at gate C7 shorty after 6pm. Delta moved the gate to 10b, but we were still set for to depart at 731pm. However, the plane did not depart until 8:20, an hour after scheduled. I had a connecting flight with Delta Airlines from MPLS-ST-PAUL that was set to depart at 9:32pm to LAX. We arrived at St Paul at 9:45, my connecting flight had already taken off.

I was informed to go to the help department to see if we get some assistance with another flight or accommodations for the night. I was told by the desk clerk that another flight would not be available until 7:25am the next morning and that there was nothing they could do about it. She gave other passengers that were on the same flight, hotel accommodations, but informed me that I would need to sleep on the floor of the airport.

I was very disappointed with the service I received from Delta Airlines. The desk clerk was very rude and she made it seem like it was my fault that I missed my flight when in reality, the plane was late leaving from Chicago and arriving at St-Paul Minnesota. I do not appreciate having to sleep on the floor of an airport for 10 hours when I was supposed to home in my bed. The least they could have done was treat everyone equally and provided hotel accommodations.

I have been a Delta customer for over 40 years. In December 24th my family and myself took a trip from Birmingham al via Atlanta to Santiago Chile south America. We were on time like always and at the delta Birmingham counter in Birmingham around 3 pm after waiting over an hour for three passenger in front of us we came to the counter.

Weather was not the best, some storm were forming therefore was explained to us that the plane was delayed and we would loose our connection in Atlanta and we would need to spend the night in Georgia.

Next to us was a gentleman taking the next flight that was still earlier that our delayed flight and talked to us explaining that the plane had over three dozens of free seats. We ask the delta counter employees and they denied the option starting to get rude and changing they fake smile. After that denied we left the lane and started to walk to the gate.

Other passengers from the next flight came to us and asked us why we didn't get a seat in that plane and that the delta personnel was rude, untrained and ignorant. We went back and at that point the delta counter people screamed at me saying that they could not do anything and we should step aside. I'm a almost 80 year old women not in the best shape. My son is young and steps in and spoke with those people.

They said that we should do the line again to talk to them and that the passenger would not allow us to ask questions. All the line without even questioning agreed to let me step in from and talk again with the desk people. At the same time people said to us that most of them were offered seats on the new later plane without even asking and some offered 500 dollars. I really don't care the issues and business that goes on with your airline.

I don't care if the desk people have a personal agenda or business or even if they are not friendly enough as showed. But if we pay for a ticket in cash and if we are in a civilized world, the least is expected is to have trained and educated people at your desks, trying to help passenger and solve the problems the best at their abilities. Your personal was of the lowest quality and level at that desk, unprofessional, rude, not qualified, uneducated and with a unknown personal agenda. Unfortunately Atlanta is the hub for delta and I must take that route often.

After this incident I see your airline with very different eyes the same impression that all the people at that night had of your personnel. I encourage you to hire decent people, train them, select them not only as a number but from its human qualities and mental condition as well. Over 80 people saw the same as we did at that night and I can assure you this is happening and repeating itself with other passengers.

Probably you do not care and in order to save some bucks you hire this type of personnel, but just remember other airlines are out there and looking back many large airlines many even more prestigious that yours have gone out of business caused by a combination of bad times, recessions or horrendous service. After talking to passenger in other flights, all agreed and have the same impressions regarding the bad service of delta, the lack of qualified people and the rudeness of some of your employees.