Monday, July 25, 2016

How I Emailed Nissan Corporate to Complain

Hello Nissan Corporate, Below is the email I sent to Nissan Buena Park, Ca. I thought you should be aware of the multiple complaints I have had since they were safety related. Please read my experience below so you can hopefully come together as a company come up with better solutions for vehicle safety issues and how they are handled.

I regret to inform that due to all the issues mainly the air bag issues (brought to Nissan multiple times for this issue) that could not get fixed because your computer could not read any errors even though I show multiple videos of the passenger air bag being off periodically when a passenger was in the seat, plus the traction issue where out of the blue my traction light would come on and my car would drop to 40 miles per hour while I am driving on a clear day, this happened often but of course not when it was at Nissan so again no real help.

My check engine light was on for the last few visits to Nissan, when I got the car back it was off only to find that it came back exactly 2 days later each time and the only response I got was to bring it back in yet again. You would think that Safety would be #1 and should not be left up to a COMPUTER to tell you there’s a problem when I the customer have multiple videos showing proof of this serious safety issue happening.

With all of these problems and 2 of them being SAFETY concerns as I have my teenager kids in the passenger seat and I was not getting any help from Nissan with a possible reasonable resolution, the only advise I got was when the airbag issue happened again to stop whatever I am doing and drive straight to Nissan without turning off my engine off so they can read the code, this was hard as I am not near a Nissan all the time and it usually happens after hours as this is when I have passengers.

With all the problems my 2010 Sentra had and now with the Safety issues of the 2013 Altima I no longer feel that the quality of Nissan is what it used to be, I have gotten rid of my Nissan and went with a more reliable company who takes Safety seriously. Please take me off any and all call and email distribution lists as I will not be buying any Nissan products anymore.

If that wasn't bad enough, I bought a brand new Nissan Sentra 2013. I have had trouble from the start after I purchased this car, I bought a brand new car because I have new baby so I could fill safe and secure and not have to worry about things. They had to take the dashboard apart because the blue tooth was never hooked up. I've had two recalls that have been fixed this was with in 6 months time then the trim around the doors come apart.

My car would not accelerate when pulling into traffic had to take it back again it still has the same problem. I have a paint defect on the left side of my car starts from the door and goes all the way to  back  end circles keep appearing. They said there is nothing they can do about it they tried to buff it out and it didn't help. I work at Nissan I worked in System 1 paint for 4 years on that one line.

I do know what a paint defect is and I'm very un happy. I now work in the lending department and If this is the way the cars you have I will highly not recommend anyone to buy them Last time I took it in I had to have a new Battery not even a Year old at that time.

My drivers chair is broken when you slide back , If you was in my shoes how would you feel? If you purchased a new vehicle and continue to have problems. Please tell me what you would do?  I wish I could return its a piece of crap!! almost paid 28,000 for this car and I will continue to complain to your company.