Monday, July 25, 2016

Problems with Nissan Cars Breaking Down Frequently

Purchased a 2005 Nissan Xterra a little less than 2 years ago took it in to be flushed problems stopped for a while  found out the transmission and antifreeze were mixing together called Nissan customer service for help they went thru the motions as the have done with countless other people found out this is a very common problem with their cars sorry no help from the company.

Took it to the Nissan dealership total cost of repairs is over 5,000 dollars. I cannot believe that such a huge company will not take responsibility for this manufactured defect. So now I am trying to find financing to fix a car that I already owe 12,000 on.

Then, I took my other car, a 2006 Nissan Sentra to the Nissan dealers on Arapaho road centennial, co after receiving an air bag recall notification that instructed me to take it to the dealers to be replaced.  My car had no problems before taking it to the dealers but after picking it up.

I notice that  it had problems accelerating,  in the highway, it could only go as high as 40 mph.  Cars were passing me and giving me the look as if I was purposely going slower than what the speed limit indicated.  I took it back to the dealers and I was told that they didn't do anything that could possibly affect the accelerator function and the manager requested that I pay them $100 to do a diagnostic test.  I was very upset since I brought my car to them without problems. 

My wife got involved and she basically told them that we were going to make a complaint at a higher level if they did not fix what was done.  Needless to say.  The company did the diagnostic test for free and told us that they didn't find anything wrong other than the fuel pump regulator needed to be replaced. 

We took our car to firestone where they replaced the whole fuel pump ($450) but still nothing changed on the accelerator issue.  I don't know what the dealer did but the car still,is having the same problem.  We know the dealer is to blame for this.  They weren't honest and I hope that this problem does not put my family lives in danger.  Please any advice to have the look into this problem would be greatly appreciated.