Monday, July 25, 2016

Ford Made in Mexico Junk Motor Company

What happened is ford moved another factory to Mexico. I was a ford man but I am not any longer! Keep your vehicles and don't bring them to America. I will never own a ford again. My friends all feel the same and were going to spread our complaints all over that ford sold out to Mexico. Good luck selling your junk in Mexico. Here is why it's so dangerous to produce cars and trucks in another country.

I was driving down the road yesterday in my 2013 Ford Escape and the rear window exploded into tiny pieces sending glass flying.  Fortunately, I was not hurt.  I called Ford Motor Company today and was told to call a dealership.

Just wanted to express my feelings about GM building Chevrolet Cruze plant in Mexico.  I have purchased many new and used Chevrolet's not only for myself but for company's that I worked for.  If GM should decide to locate the Cruze plant in Mexico, I assure you that I will never own another vehicle manufactured by General Motors. 

After the bailout from the people of the U.S.A. (including myself) this is about as UN AMERICAN) as anything I can imagine. I do intend to express my feelings on social media.

I called a dealership and was told to call my insurance company, which we have done.  So the only thing I have gotten out of this is that I am somehow responsible for this window exploding!  I would expect that Ford should have responsibility in this matter, not to mention a caring concern for customer safety.

Now I am without a car to drive, will have to pay deductibles out of my pocket and am fearful of driving this car.  Let me also mention that my daughter drives a 2014 Ford Escape and I am afraid for her as well.   We have proudly owned a number of Ford vehicles through the years and never felt unsafe in them.

My question is simply what do I do now?  I plan to follow up with another call to Ford customer service after I hear from our insurance company.  My other question is what will Ford do now to make this right before someone is seriously injured?  I have read many accounts of this happening to other drivers.  This is a sad and serious situation that needs to be addressed.    

So, after the exploding window problems, my family purchased a 2015 Ford Taurus on September 11, 2015 at Hawkeye Ford in Red Oak, Iowa.  I have no issues with the dealer.  The issue is with Ford Motor Company.  After we got home with the car we noticed several issues with the right (passenger) side of the car.

We reported the issues to the dealer.  The dealer submitted the claims to Ford Motor Co. with pictures.  The plastic molding on the pillar was defective (which has been replaced), the outside mirror was defective (it has been replaced). 

The main issue now is the headliner.  There is a cut above the door frame approximately 1 1/2" long with a hole completely through the material.  The dealer has been trying to get it taken care of but Ford Motor Co. denies any responsibility.

They call it an "outsource" problem.  I contacted a service representative at Ford Motor Co. and was told it was not their responsibility at all for the problem.  I feel that Ford Motor Co. should be responsible for the details, as well as the mechanics, of the car.  The car was new when we bought it and should not have had these issues.  Where is your quality control?

Ultimately, we purchased 6 Ford trucks in late 2008 with the 6.4 turbo diesels. Every one of them has been a piece of junk. Every radiator has been replaced, Turbos' going out at a cost of $3,000+, EGR valves, Heat Exchangers at $2,500+, valve train problems at $4-5,000, exhaust manifolds at $1,500.00+, Bed pan gaskets $6,500.00+  Ford blames it on the engine manufacturer and lets the consumer pay the price for their junk.

I currently have a 2008 F350 diesel that we just spent $7,300.00 in repair at St. George Ford, Utah. My employee drove their to pick it up from our So. Cal shop. He was driving it back and got stranded 15 miles out side of Barstow Ca.

The damn truck blew oil out the bottom end after spending $7,300.00 on it. Chino Hills Ford, another schlock service department, states that the St. George dealer screwed up and wants $6,400.00 to fix the bottom end. This truck spent 6 weeks at Bakersfield CA last September going thru the entire top end. It's a real POS!! Ford says well it is out of warranty.