Friday, July 22, 2016

Sears Customer Service Does Not Provide Service Anymore

I have a cast iron beautiful Kenmore sewing machine purchased from Sears in 1969.  Runs like a charm and the quality is the best.  Every 1 to 2 years, I bring it in to be cleaned and oiled.  Today, I took it to the Northridge Sears (CA) as my local Sears customer service does not provide the shipping service anymore (Thousand Oaks).

The machine is heavy for me.  I am in my 60s.  I parked in front of Sears and carried it in.  It weighs to me about 25 pounds.  Heavy and cast iron (good quality).  Of all the department stores I could shop in, I decided Sears was the best one (at least I thought so).

I entered on the far side of the store.  I was in the clothing department.  I carried it to the cashier.  There were two cashiers.  But, Anthony, was kind and he offered to carry it for me to appliance department.  He stayed with me and heard the following events. When we got to the appliance cashier, he asked the lady where the repair shop was. 

She stated it was around the back of the store off the dock.  I said to her.  Do you have a cart I can use or can someone help me carry this.  It is too heavy for me.  I stated that the last time I brought it in they gave me a cart and escorted me the back way to the dock.  She said, I will have to call the manager.  I said, OK.  She came back from the phone and told me I had to take it back to my car and drive around back to the dock. 

I told her it was a far walk to my car.  She asked where I parked.  I told her on the 2nd level on the other side.  She said there is a door right here, you can go right out here.  This gal was in her mid 20s.  The staff was not busy with customers. 

There were at least 5 staff standing around.  I picked up the machine and started for the door.  In the process, I passed up a staff member man in the refrigerator department.  I was so upset that they were making me carry it back to my car.  I stated to the man, I cannot believe they are making me carry this all the way to my car. 

It was about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile away literally.  In that spans of distance there was a trash can at the door I set it down to get a better grip and after that there was no where at waist height to put in down.  I thought about balancing on a bumper but felt it could get me in trouble with the owner of the car if they came by.  That 25# was too heavy for me to put on the black top and pick back up.  I got to my car and drove to the dock. 

After I checked in the machine, I went back to the appliance department to show them the grooves in my forearms from the weight of the machine.  I asked for the manager on the phone that instructed the cashier to tell me to carry it out to the car.  The manager's name is Julie Dejesus.  She states she told the cashier that I could not be escorted to the dock and that I should take my car. 

She was unaware that the sewing machine weighed 25 pounds and I was an elderly lady.  She said it was a miscommunication between the cashier and herself.  I feel that this was poor customer service.  The cashier saw that I was struggling to carry the machine and I specifically asked her for help with a cart or someone to carry it.  She insisted that it would not be a problem for me to carry to the car. 

When I spoke to Julie about the lack of communication another staff member offered me a gift card.  I told him that I didn't want a gift card.  I just want to be treated right and receive good customer service.  There is a need for an in-service with the staff at this Sears and probably more.  The young staff in their 20s need to realize that the elderly and other customers need assistance at times. 

These customers in turn would be grateful and shop at Sears because of the terrific customer service and the caring attitude towards them.  Please make this an effort at the Corporate level to educate the staff on the importance of helping their customers so they you keep them and build a reputation for excellent customer service.