Friday, July 22, 2016

Chevron Bangladesh Problems at Bibiyana Gas Plan

Exactly we are the people of Chevron Bangladesh, working through contractor at Bibiyana gas plant. We did not found our salary of February, March, and April 2016. already our contract has changed to another contract, with a very poor salary and facility.

Most of us working there for Chevron corporate offices from last 10 years after that our maximum gross salary was build for some of us USD 750 per month.

Now minimum 50% to 60% more reduced with increased working hours. We know because of oil price decreased and lot of employees are going to fire some of us also, we have no complain on that.

Our complaint is job and salary both gone also we will not get any subsidy for terminate. Before that we found our salary for last 7 month by installment. We are very poor people and our amount is very little how we will get it. Here GPS has said we have nothing to say, and contractor has said we are unable to pay.

We worked for chevron still trying to perform our duty safely but how long. our demand is last two and half month charge only, nothing else. If it not found immediately may any incident or inspected scenario can happen.

We do not want that if occurs what will be, now internally an unrest situation has created. Please take an immediate action, otherwise may terminated people will fire on Chevron and its assets.