Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wow! T-Mobile Customer Serivce is Horrible

Went into the T-Mobile store to lodge a complaint about my phone that after 3 months wouldn't charge right. The screen protector, purchased at the same location was coming off, which cost $25.00 is now worthless.

The person in which I talked to said I needed to contact by E-mail and after 6 days no response, and the telephone number is now disconnected to lode a complaint to them. Ordered a replacement and should be commended for her customer service.

Then threatened to call the police, which I invited him to use my phone to do so. Note it was 2 representatives and me in the store and no one else. Yes I was very frustrated but his way of handling my problem was totally wrong. I will say after 7 years of being a loyal customer this was totally inexcusable and if something is not done about it I will switch away from your company.

A person such as this should not be any kind of company representative. Upon day 3 I went back to the store to pay my bill, 02-24-2016 at 14:20:20 I avoided this same person and went to the other guy there upon which I asked to be run through the computer not a tablet and once again Dave felt the need to attack me once again saying get used to it or pay somewhere else. It was none of his concern ,none of his business, but he had to agitate me once again.

I as a loyal T-Mobile customer want something done about this or I will be looking for a better customer related company to do business with. This man should be fired, he does not deserve to be a t -mobile employee. His people skills are terrible. I will wait for your response to see what my next move will be.

I have been trying to port a number to your company for a week now with no luck. When I call T-Mobile, it says if you are activating a new phone to call from that phone with the sim card in it, so I did. The representative was unable to assist me saying he needed the number from the sim card and serial number on the phone, which you have to take the battery out to get.

Obviously I was not able to do this, and every time I tried to explain, the rep cut me off and told me to buy a sim card. I have tried calling 2 more times form a landline and unfortunately the reps I am getting are hard to understand due to the language barrier, and they don;t know what info I need. I was told I needed an account number and password to port a number.

I currently have a prepaid plan, so there is no account number, when I asked if it could be another number, such as last 4 of phone number, rep had no idea.

I was then told I need a password, I advised I had no password, only a 4 digit pin, could that be it and rep did not have any idea, she then submitted the port for approval without any account number or pin, which will probably be denied, but I won;t know for 24 hours, so if it is denied, I then have to wait another 24 hours to resubmit.

I am frustrated, and wish I had never bought the phone. I actually work for a phone company and port numbers every day, so this is even more frustrating to have the person on the other end have no clue what they are doing. My current cell provider plan expires on January 3rd, so if the number is not ported by then I will be returning my T-Mobile phone and seeking a different provider.

I ordered and paid  taxes and fees for a phone I never received for Christmas as promised.  T-Mobile verified that it was lost then promised to cancel that order, but did not.  I then had to pay yet again to get the phone in time. 

They still have not cancelled that first order and are holding me responsible for the lost phone that I never received.  Customer Service was awful and poor.  I am going to leave T-Mobile is this is not resolved, and I am going to file a complaint with the FCC and the Attorney General.

Tonight or I should say last night I called T-Mobile Customer Service. I say last night because I just got off the phone with them at 5:40 AM! Almost 4 hours of being hung up on by more than one employee, bounced all around the globe, being put on terminal hold and being patronized.

They disconnect both phone, change my identification number, and switch my phone plan. None of this was done at my request. One supervisor told me they were not actually trained to reconnect my service. And then they want to charge me $50 to reconnect the phone.

They needed a credit card, just to verify my identity. I was told there would be any charges, It had better not. They mess up and I have to pay? First, there have been services added that I did not authorize and services removed that I did not authorize. There was some locating service for $9.99 a month I did not activate.

I asked for a refund and that took an act of Congress. And then it was only a partial refund. I had International calling added in 2013 because my husband was seriously hospitalized numerous times in less that 3 months, his family is in the U.K. With that kind of  frequent emergency I kept that service. All of a sudden it is no longer on my account and we end up with a $500 phone bill.

When I called Customer Service they offered a payment plan stating I did not have that service. That was another 3 hour phone call. Finally, he took that off. Asking for a supervisor takes another act  of Congress. Basically, they are stealing and ripping off consumers. They can not explain what the taxes and fees are for, one actually told me she did not know.

I have 3 separate charges of taxes and fees on the latest bill and it still has not been satisfactorily explained. They are rude and most unhelpful. It is their job to fix the problem not make it worse. At what point is enough simply enough?

T-Mobile must be accountable for all they do. Train your people to be able to understand your own billing system, stop stealing from people by lying and hiding fees so that no one is aware of what they are. It is pathetic when your own employee, much less a supervisor cannot or will not help or explain. By the way, if I am on a set plan how can my service fluctuate so much?

I am pretty sure T-Mobile is financially sound, they should not conduct business with customers in such a dishonest manner. How would they react if they were the consumer receiving this treatment? Be a corporate company that stands apart from all the others by not lying, cheating and stealing.

That is basically what this comes down to. You would then have customers that stay with you because of what you stand for and for the respect you show them by being straight forward. Its time one of the Fortune 500 companies stand up and stand apart from the others by making customers as important as their bottom line. Because the true bottom line is, no customers equals a bottom line no CEO wants to see,

Treat consumers the way you want to be treated when you are paying  your own personal bills. With respect.because they chose your company but they don't have to stay with your company, As for rating the experience with. T-Mobile I can't, As of now there is no rating low enough.