Thursday, July 14, 2016

T-Mobile Customer Support Employees Don't Have a Clue

I became a T-mobile customer in August of 2015. From the beginning the cell service in my home non-existent to extremely poor as well. T-mobile Customer Service told me it could be due to trees, weather, etc.  I was finally mailed a personal cell spot which did not seem to help. Tired of having no cell service I switched to Sprint for 11 to 12 days.

The switching became a hassle so I decided to return to T-mobile and deal with the extremely poor quality reception. Spoke with a customer service supervisor near the end of January. She assured me everything was resolved, the return to T-mobile was fine because it was within 14 days. 

I paid my bill thinking everything was fine. As of March 7 I had not received a bill so I called T-mobile to find out why a bill was not being generated and to pay my current balance.  I was told my balance was $983. Obviously this came as a shock. 

Spoke with Jeff, a supervisor at the Tampa location and was told there was basically nothing I could do and that I had to pay tacked on charges to return to T-mobile as a customer as well as immediately pay off the balance of my leased T-mobile phone. Hours of phone calls to T-mobile customer service centers in numerous countries and I am still in the same place. 

If I had been told anything of this in January with my initial phone call in January to reinstate my service I would not of transferred back to T-mobile. It made no financial sense and my cell reception was horrible. Basically I find myself penalized for trying to come back to T-mobile. 

I was given misinformation in January and T-mobile will not take any responsibility for poor and unethical business practices. Needless to say I am leaving T-mobile, returning the near worthless personal cell spot and will from now on discourage anyone from signing on with T-mobile.

I have been a loyal customer for about 3 yrs. Never had an issue with my phone or the customer service until today. I went to pay my bill and waited and hour. The employee that helped me was very rude and acted like it was no big deal.

She had a very bad attitude and never apologize for my wait. She was flirting with customers and taking her time even though there was a line out the door. I have never experienced anything like this and feel very disappointed and disrespected.

I just want this be made aware of so no other customers will have this kind of experience. I have always been happy with t mobile and it customer service but now I'm not happy with customer service. I hope that appropriate measures are taken to prevent this kind of treatment to loyal customers.