Thursday, August 25, 2016

Constantly Calling Sprint Customer Care Phone Number

I've had to call sprint customer care at least 10 times in the last 2 days to get my upgrade on a purchase through Best Buy. I paid out my plan for an early upgrade for both mine and my son's phone. I was admitted to the hospital for cardiac reasons. When my son went to Best Buy to Pre-order his phone on Thursday my line was eligible for the upgrade.

Then when he purchased the phone on Friday but was still eligible for the upgrade confirmed by the Best Buy guys. I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday, went to Best Buy to get my phone because Sprint corporate offices had already told my that my phone won't take a charge any more and isn't working any more and they can't beat the deal Best Buy had so I needed to go there. $199. For the Galaxy 7 Edge plus a free Samsung Gear Fit 2.

When I get to Best Buy I'm no longer eligible for the update. It says I can only do a lease through them. I  called the customer service number who was very helpful at first. She said that that she would correct the problem and we would be able to purchase through Best Buy.

When it got to the next level they told me that I was no longer be  eligible for the 2 year purchase and that I had to add a line. Then she told me that I  was lying about having been eligible for the purchase agreement.

Even the Best Buy guys got on the phone with her to confirm what they saw and she still didn't believe them. When I asked to speak to her supervisor because I didn't appreciate being called a liar. She hung up on me. In total, I was on the phone for 2 hours with that call.

I then called back again and got another person who said that when my son purchased his phone at Best Buy they put a block on my phone that I couldn't purchase another one there and that I would have to go to the corporate store. The corporate store wants $150. More for the same phone plus I wouldn't get the Gear fit. That took me another hour and a half for that call.

Mind you I just got out of the hospital and was told no stress. So then round 2 we went today to the corporate store where we stood in line for an hour and were told the block was released. We even took a picture stating that I was eligible for my two year upgrade. Again, he told us that we would be better off getting it at the Sprint store. He was very helpful.

We stopped at the Nearest Best Buy to check and of course the block had not been released. So we drove back to the corporate store as I was on the phone with Sprint again. This time between customer Service, the supervisor, the telephone sales department and telephone sales supervisor total talk time was almost 2 hour.

Supposedly because they couldn't match the deal they released me to be able to get the deal with Best Buy. All we had to do was go to Best Buy and have the guys there call Best Buy. The notes are in there for them.

When I got back over to my normal Best Buy, once again. It still didn't show and they told them I was only eligible for the 24 month lease. At this point I was livid. It threw me into an instant migraine, plus chest pain. I got on the phone again with customer service to be on hold for an hour to be hung up on again.

Called back again. Couldn't understand the person to get the correct spelling of her name or I would have written it down. I was eventually transferred to Sally in escalation. Sally flat out called me a liar. Told me I wasn't eligible for the upgrade.

Told be that I was never eligible for it at Best Buy. Mind you, while I'm talking to her, my husband is on the phone with the manager from the Corporate Store who is trying to release because he also says we should have been eligible and saw where my son upgraded his. The Best Buy guys are on the phone with Sales Reps and other Escalations Departments.

When Sally called me a liar I was done and told her I wanted her supervisor.  At that point she refused to let me. She disconnect the phone call and disconnected my line. She then flagged my line so that I cannot purchase anything on that line for 60 days.

In total I have spent almost 8 hours trying to get a phone and being insulted by your whole customer service team and your escalation department. Lost a day, still have a defective phone and I've been a customer of Sprint since 1998. Their actions have been appalling.