Sunday, October 30, 2016

Complaint about DirecTV Outsourced Customer Technicians

I called AT&T about my cell phone bill and trying to get a payment arraignment set up with them.

The DirecTV customer care employee on the phone asked me who I had my internet and cable with. I told him Cox cable, Cox Internet and Home phone.

He informed me they had a deal going on DirecTV they had better service and fewer complaints on their Satellite than Cox and I could get every channel I get through Cox for a much cheaper price. I told them I might be interested in it. And so he had a tech come out on October 24th to hook it Up. I said I wanted and English speaking person and not Mexicans. at my home. It had to be put on a pole not the House. And also.

I wanted a TV guide like book so I knew what channels we got and what shows we got. He said sure. Well the tech Showed up on Oct 24th and he was a Mexican. And had very broken English and he was very rude the whole time he was in my home.

He had his cell phone playing with some Spanish talking in the back ground. My husband tried to talk to him on several instances and the tech would just bust out laughing at something.

He never showed us how to record things. He never showed us how to set up the guide. We were to have 3 separate DVR boxes but instead we got 1 DVR box and 2 little receivers  I have had 20 phone calls harassing me from the DirecTV corporate offices. Since Monday. I have repeatedly asked them to stop harassing me. And they still persist. If not on the Phone then in Emails.

I have told them I want out of my contract I am very disappointed in their lies about the great programs and We do not get half the channels I was told I would get. I was told 160 channels and I get maybe 100 if I am lucky.

Do not get hardly any of the channels I got on Cox Cable. I want their satellite gone and then to quit calling me. But they spoke to my husband this morning and said we would have to pay $480 to $500 to break the contract and then have to pay to mail their merchandise back out of our pocket.

My second complaint is that my bill continues to rise even though I have been a customer for two years. I have called several different times and got my bill lowered. However the last time I called,  I was told that there was nothing that could be done.

Then I find out that a new customer could get a very inexpensive deal. My concern is why do loyal customers have to pay much more than a new customer. I get tired of playing this game with companies. If a new customer can get  deal for let's say $69 a month, then why can't a loyal customer get the same deal for $69 instead of having to pay $123.

Looks like there is a bit of discrimination against the loyal customer. Quit playing games and get down to business. My bill went from $79 in January 2016 to $97 in October 2016. They say my bill will be $123 by the end of the year.

I guess I will have to take a good look a Dish, I am sure they will give me a good deal for the next two years. Why doesn't Direct offer a flat fee package or a build your own package. It could be like a restaurant menu, I don't care for sports or shopping networks. I like movies and old programs.