Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reporting Broken Galaxy S4 to Sprint Customer Service

Back in January, I called Sprint customer service and informed them that I had accidentally broken my Galaxy S4 phone by dropping it.  At this time, I also asked them to turn off my phone since the phone was no longer functional and I had already purchased a phone with a different service carrier.  Sprint kept that phone on and has kept sending me bills for up to $401.00 and they have even gone so far as to report me to a credit collection agency.

Every time I call in about this issue they tell me that the earliest record that they have of me calling in to request that the service be discontinued is February 17th, which is a blatant lie.  They did not respect my wishes and kept the phone line and continued to bill me for service that I did not wish to use, choose to use and was also unable to use. 

I have told several representatives there that they need to review the activity on the account from mid-January, which was when I did call in and request to have my service discontinued, up until the beginning of March, which was when after being pressed by me to do so they finally did disconnect my old phone number with them.

I refuse to be treated unfairly and I will not be penalized for something that I did not do.  That phone line should have been made inactive at the time I initially requested it, which was around January 13th or 14th.

It is unfair of Sprint and they are also using poor business practices to have kept that phone line on and then to report me unnecessarily and unfairly for service that I had expressed repeatedly that I wished to have discontinued and that had not been used. 

I do not need this on my credit report and I am willing to take legal action to get this matter resolved.  I can and will also report Sprint to outside, higher entities for unprofessional and unsavory business practices. 

The sprint corporate website advertised the $30.00 activation fee was being waived. I also worked with an online representative via your chat service making comparisons regarding an iPhone upgrade. Given the fact that there were a couple of different options regarding my phone choices, I informed the representative that I would go into a store to make my choice.

I made my selection at the store and was then told I would have to pay an activation fee of $30.00. Of course I informed them that the link on the website that I clicked on indicated that the charge was waived, only to be told that it only applied to on line orders.

There is a "pop up" window that I have since discovered that states the online offer, yet it does not always come up when logging in. At no time during my chat conversation was I told that an activation fee would be assessed at a store.

I contacted the Sprint call center again to explain what I felt was improper and misleading information offered to your customers. The telephone representative merely recited what the agents in the store told me. I ask to speak with a manager and that was probably the worst representation your company could have had in place.

I might as well have been talking to a machine. There was no attempt to offer any type of service recovery and when I posed the question as to why, the response was "that's the way it is". I have been a loyal customer with Sprint for twelve (12) plus years and I did go ahead with the upgrade and paid the $30.00 activation fee.

I'm sure that a threat from one customer to cancel service wouldn't matter to anyone in the Sprint organization, but it's a fact that when customers have a bad experience they share that bad experience with at least ten (10) other people who go on to share the story with others. A favor of a response is requested and a credit for the $30.00 activation fee I had to pay.