Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sprint's Cut Your Bill in Half Scam Promotion

Customer Service Complaints about Sprint

I am researching ways to reduce my phone bill.  I discovered Sprint's cut your bill in half promotion.  I uploaded a PDF of my bill ($177.78, which includes taxes and surcharges) and was sent a quote for $105.75. Not exactly half my bill but it still sounded great. Then I read the small print. This quote does not include taxes and surcharges. Also, it does not include any monthly payment plans for purchasing a phone. That's OK. We pay $18 a month for one phone.

However, if I deduct my 18 dollars and my taxes and surcharges, it doesn't look like I'm getting a discount at all!  I called Sprint and wanted to know exactly what I would pay before switching over.  The girl that answered my call could not answer this.  I also asked for the customer service phone number and address of the body that oversees all telecommunications companies so that I could make a complaint.  She said that she did not have this information!

I worked for Verizon for awhile and know that she should have this information and that she is required to give it out when asked. When, I told her this. She said she was putting me on hold to locate the information but she hung up on me. I'm very frustrated with Sprint and this overall experience and disappointed in what appears to be false advertising.

On June 23, 2015, I purchased a two-year lease on an iPhone 6 Gray 16 GB SGL at the Sprint store in Elyria, Ohio, for $649.99. I am very disappointed and wish to complain about Sprint for the following reasons.  Because I had no prior knowledge on how to use an iPhone, I visited the local library and checked out an “iPhone 5 for Dummies” manual to study it before using my iPhone. In the meantime, I had family visiting from Puerto Rico. 

Approximately 4-5 days before the 14 Day return period, I had made several attempts to place a call only to discover that of my phone calls were blocked. I received my first billing statement for $91.00 from Sprint. On July 9th, I called customer service from my home phone to check on why my phone calls were blocked and also to pay my bill.

The name of the sales representative that I spoke with, Ms. Debra,  informed me “my account was suspended” and could not give me a reason as to why. I became quite upset and told her that was unusual because of my stellar credit history. She suggested that I visit the Sprint store where I purchased the phone to find out what caused this to happen.

It was raining pretty heavily that day, but I was determined to get the matter corrected regardless. The first salesperson that waited on me said I would need to speak to the store manager about this. After checking into the matter, the manager informed me that because of very little usage of the phone, the security key on the phone caused my account to be suspended.

That made no sense  to me at all and explained that when I purchased the phone, never was I informed about this security key. He said he could correct the problem. I told him that I wanted to return the iPhone. He said he could not take back the phone because the 14 day refund period had expired.

No matter how much I tried to make him understand that it was not my fault that my account was suspended, he refused to accept the phone. I felt so helpless and vulnerable not knowing what else I could do. I asked him if he would allow me to place a call to customer service as one last attempt to solve the matter. At first he said no because they could not tie up their phones. This upset me even more to the verge of tears.

He finally agreed to use their phone. When I called Customer Service and after being placed on hold numerous times, the last sales representative that I spoke with, a Mr. Khalan (not sure of the spelling), placed me on hold again because he had to consult first with his senior specialist about this.

I was told that the best they could do for me was waive the $91.66 fee of the phone statement and remove one-half of the total lease on the phone; that they could not override the $230.00 fee balance on the lease. I was also told that they could not refund me for the total cost of $58.55 for the tempered glass screen protector ($14.99) and Dualtek case ($39.99) that I purchased the same day as the iPhone. I am very disappointed.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate a refund of $58.55 and a zero balance on the lease of the iPhone.  I look forward to your reply and to the resolution of my problem. I will wait ten days from the date of this letter before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau.

The problem started when I added two people to my account and they did not hold up their part of the bargain; one of them was an adult son and the other was his girlfriend.  I repeatedly called sprint to ask for assistance and eventually found out that one of their corporate stores allowed him to lease a Galaxy 6s edge, valued at nearly $800 and $200 additional accessories.

I think that's what it is called.  Anyway.  He put it on my account without my permission and changed the length of time he could be on my account, another two years.  This was done again without my permission.   I went to the sprint store and they told me the best thing  I could do would be to go to another carrier to save my number.

I've been with Sprint for 14 years, maybe not that long when you consider your company has been in business, not including restructuring, since 1899.  I actually asked how I could get my son and his girlfriend out, but all I got was sent to customer finance or customer resolutions departments obviously over in Manilla or in India.

Either way after calling for nearly a month, almost everyday, I now am without service despite paying more that $600 over the past two months.  I am asking for assistance to having my service turned back on and my good standing with sprint corrected.

I have been a Sprint customer for many years. Overall, my experience has been great. I find myself being frustrated now because of the series of events that took place, in the store, from yesterday to today. Went into the store yesterday to purchase an iPad. Talked with the representative, for a very long time, and decided on which tablet and which data plan.

After spending more than an hour in the store, including wait time, I'm told that the Apple 64G iPad was not available in the color that I wanted, silver. I was told that someone would contact me in a few hours once the item had been located locally.

That didn't happen. When I called the store about 4 hours later I was placed on hold for 20+ minutes, I eventually hung up. I called the store today, I told the by the person who I spoke with yesterday that she wasn't in yet and he didn't know anything about it because he had been off the past 4 days. I asked to speak with the manager, the manager was talking to the representative, while the representative relayed what the manager was saying. There is so many things wrong with this on so many levels. My biggest complaint is why did I have to call them and why isn't there a silver iPad available anywhere in the country, that's what I was told. 

I'm not one to complain, but, why is it that it was offered, but now you can't deliver? Why wouldn't one be available this close to Christmas, (was a special gift). According to the manager he is going to try to locate a silver and black one.

He offered me a gold one, which I definitely did not want! What is that about? I'm just to accept anything that he may find? I find myself wondering why, for good customer service reasons, that an item should not be available if it is offered in the store. I guess I'm feeling confused, disappointed and not happy with how things are being done.

At this point, I don't know for sure, what the Manager is doing, in terms of am I to contact him or am I to wait until Christmas for him the contact me? I'm not feeling very confident about what will take place at this point. Please help me to determine what my next step should be. I guess I just need clarification. I was at the Crestwood, Il store.

In addition, while we were visiting the store yesterday, I was told that 3 of the 4 lines that I have  were eligible for an upgrade. I called the customer service number today and was told that the phone number was not eligible.

Who am I to believe? This too was a Christmas gift.  None of this is making any sense to me. Please help to straighten out the confusion that I've gone through for the past 2 days.  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

It just so happen that your customer service personnel have issues.  They tell you what you want to hear and finish the call.  After settling for price of my phone service, it never changed.  It started in maybe jan. 2015 and after three more conversations regarding the integrity of Sprint (Customer Service Personnel) I find it hard to believe anything they say.

I have spent more time calling them than I would prefer, one conversation and if excepted by me, should be all that is necessary.  Yes they tell me, "you are valued customer with 11 years with Sprint:".  What I want to is be told the truth, that is all. 

No matter what price they quote it remains the same or higher.  Maybe they just don't want to lose a customer to another company on their call.  I asked for a Supervisor and someone finally came on the telephone and they knew less than the previous person.

I asked if she was a Supervisor and she said "I am on the Management Team, sure did not seem like it.  Very disappointed with the Integrity of you Customer Service.  I believe that it has been taken care of now, but I was about to call another carrier..  Thank you for letting me write my feelings, maybe you can hire a trainer for these people.