Thursday, November 17, 2016

Comcast vs. Time Warner vs. Verizon Reviews and Complaints

On Nov. 3rd while on business out of town, I received a call from Comcast by a female with an accent, offering me an promotional upgrade to my Internet (25mgbs) only internet service.  Although I was reluctant at first, because I've had many such calls in the past I decided to listen.

She went on to tell me that the promotion will include an upgrade to my internet service from 25-75 mgbs, Cable TV which would include HBO for a year and a sport package that included ESPN/FS1 etc. for an additional $3.00 to my existing bill of $66.00 p/month ($69.00).  Nothing else got my attention except for the sport package. 

For that reason, I repeated to confirm what sounded to good to be true 3times to her and she said "YES".  Fast forward, my self installation kit was waiting for me upon my return and after setting it up, I noticed my Internet speed was still 25mgbs and no ESPN/FS1 etc.

So I called the service center and after 2.5hours of apologies and holding on, I found that I was scammed. Comcast corporate office, honor your word and give me what I was promised at the price I was promised or you will not only a ex-customer, but you will have an ex-customer with a huge online presence who will dedicate the rest of his life letting everyone in his spare of influence know of your dis-honest practices. Lowering my bill to $64.00 does not appease me. 

U-verse is now in my area offering the same services for less, however, I am going to give you all the opportunity to do the right thing first. That is only fair, but from now on I will write down the names of every and anyone I spoke to from Comcast, because you have proven that you cannot be trusted.

My Verizon wireless and FIOS review:

At the end of the year or 2015 Verizon store sold me a tablet and a droid turbo 2.  They said that the Verizon service I had would not work with the tablet so they sold me the large Mega Bites 12gb plain. 

Then in January they called and wanted me to upgrade my USB service with another USB device so I upgraded because they said it would work better and I would still have the Unlimited data plain that I had for 15 or so years.  I never have been late on my bill or any problems in the pass. 

Verizon was taking money out of my account for the bill every month so I had not realized they had took my unlimited data plain from me. 

So I called them when I realized it and Verizon told me that it had been over two months and they could not do anything about it.  I called and filled out a complaint with Verizon and they told me it would be approximately 10 days before they heard from them. 

Well behold I called the next day and they told me that they denied me, that they would not give me my unlimited data plain back. I told them I did not cancel the unlimited plain that they did. I've been paying for this plain for approximately 15 years, and they the one that canceled me, not right. 

They told me that I would have to call them and cancel the plain at the store, well I never called them.  The only call I got was the upgrade, why would I upgrade if I canceled the plain.  Verizon, I'm in the woods and the only thing I have was the upgrade so I could get better service. 

I never canceled my plain.  I can't get internet over the phone lines, because I'm in the woods and they don't run internet this far.  Verizon really messed me up.  Remember I'm never been late.   I did return my tablet because it would not work with the internet where I live.  I also had to pay to repackage the table which was $75.00.  

Why would I cancel my unlimited plain when I upgraded my USB.  Remember Verizon I did talk with someone on the phone and they said I still had the unlimited Plain when I upgraded so Why don't I have it now. 

I have been a Verizon customer since my son was in middle school and got his first cell phone (he is now 26). He and I have a family plan with Verizon right now.

In January, his phone stopped working... Verizon sent a replacement phone. Shortly thereafter, the replacement phone stopped working. Verizon sent another phone. I was to send the broken phones back but hadn't been mailed a return label.

I called Verizon and they sent a label through the mail. On the same day that I sent the phones back, my son got a text from Verizon reminding us to send them back. The next evening, when I went to make a phone call, I was sent directly to Verizon's automated system where I was told that our account had been suspended, and that I needed to pay $494.90 to have our service restored.

I was not given an option to speak to a customer service rep or anything. So I paid the money, and when I called Verizon and had a customer service rep look at the account she said that we should be getting that money back when they received the phones back.

So, when my son got a text from Verizon (the next day) stating that they had gotten the phones, I called to see how soon they would be able to return my money back on my debit card account. I was told that it would be "credited to our account."

I explained to them that I was literally broke because of this, and needed the money returned to me. They said it would take 5 to 7 business days to do that. (Funny how they can take your money immediately, but can't give it back as quickly.) I told them it would do me no good, because by that time I would have my paycheck and wouldn't need the money.

I needed the money now. I am so angry and disgusted that I am in tears. We have been loyal customers for years, have paid our bills. I can't even express how upset I am by all I this. I plan on writing to the corporate office in NYC as well.

My Time Warner review:

On October 8, 2016 at 8:50 am I called Time Warner to schedule a payment arrangement (auto deduct) 219.23 from my checking account to pay my bill for October 17, 2016. I spoke with two (2) individuals at Time Warner for total time of 23 minutes and 54 seconds to make sure the payment arrangement was in place and the money would be taken from my account. On October 19, 2016 my services with Time Warner were disconnected for non-payment.

I called Time Warner head offices back at 11:56 am and spoke with a representative for 19 minutes and 38 seconds who reviewed my account and informed me that no where in the system was there a payment arrangement set up to auto deduct 219.23 from my checking account. She pulled up my file saw that I had called in and said that it appears that their had been a glitch in the system and that she was so sorry for what had happened but she could take the payment now and get my service back on.

She said my new amount would be 213.24 because a reimbursement had been applied for last months error. I make the payment my service is turned on. Then Friday October 21, 2016 I go in to check my account and notice that not only was the 213.24 taken from my account but the 219.23 was also taken.

So I call Time Warner back again at 8:49 am and spook to a representative again for 20 minutes and 14 seconds. This representative apologized a million times and said he didn't know what happened. He understood my frustration and he would fix the situation. He puts me on hold comes back and tells me he is reimbursing me the 213.24 and it would be back in my account in 3 to 5 days.

I then tell him I am thankful for that but what happens if my bills go through before the money is returned and my account is over drafted. He asked me if that had happened yet and I said no but I had bills already scheduled to be auto deducted and if the 213.24 isn't returned in time then yes my account will be over drafted.

He apologized and said that if that occurs to call Time Warner and they will reimburse me and that he is so very sorry for what I am going through. Then I check my account every day and see that their is still no reimbursement yet and as my other bills start coming through my account was hit with 5 overdraft fees of 38.50 which resulted in my account being over drafted 244.90.

I had a total of 81.75 dollars in bills that went through on my account. Had the 213.24 been in my account it would have covered these bills. But because the money was removed I was hit with a 38.50 fee every time a bill came out resulting in 192.50 dollars in over draft fees.

So on October 27, 2016 at 10:39 pm I called Time Warner again spoke with John employee # 1354132 for 21 minutes and 40 seconds where John apologized again for what I went through and said that Time Warner would reimburse me for the fees, however the department that handles these matters was closed for the day so he would place a urgent request to have the money reimbursed and that he would have an individual call me first thing the next day to go over everything.

He took my name and number and the best time to reach me which I said first thing in the morning was perfect. Then today October 28th I waited and waited and received no call so at 9:27 am I called Time Warner.

This time Larry was he representative that I got and he checked my account apologized and said that the 213.24 had been cut today and mailed to me and that for the overdraft fees he would have to transfer me to his manager to handle that so that I could be reimbursed properly. After waiting and waiting, I was finally transfer to Darrus employee numbers of 1374118/ 120839.

Where he basically said that there was nothing he could do except credit my Time Warner account. the 213.24 was already being sent back to me in a check, but the overdraft fees were not their problem.

As I tried to explain to him how it was his problem because had the 213.24 never been taken from my account I would never have over drafted my account and would not be making this call. He was very condescending and replied that I shouldn't make this personal and he was trying to help, but it wasn't Time Warner's responsibility to pay my other bills.

I again tried to explain that had the money never been taken out my bills would have cleared without an overdraft fee which wouldn't have place my account into a negative balance. Had the money never been taken out I wouldn't be in this issue.

Now my work check which was supposed to pay my rent, car payment and insurance will be 244.90 short which will result in a bill not being covered. Darrus would not listen to me had no care to understand the situation Time Warner has put me in. In all reality had Time Warner not removed the 213.24 from my account then my bills would have cleared without an issue leaving me at a positive 131.49.

Then when my checks was deposited I would have been adding it to a 131.49 dollars instead of paying a -244.90. I don't think Time Warner gets how serious this matter is and I want my money back. I am not rich. I work very very very hard and live pay check to check. To take care of my family and pay my bills.

When one company screws up the trickle affect is horrible and goes much further than they can imagine. This negative amount will impact how I can pay my bills for the beginning of the month. Had the money never been touch I would not be in the hole.