Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Problems with Sears Extended Warranty Repairs Not Made

On July 13th I called Sears to activate my extended warranty have my washing machine repaired.  The technician performed a diagnostic evaluation based on the information received from me, which was the washer would not go into the spin cycle.

She was quite adamant  in her diagnosis and assured me that the part she was ordering for the repair  would solved the problem. The repair was scheduled for the August 14th, although the part was received 4 days later.  Upon receipt of the part, I called Sears to see if the repair could be expedited since the part had already been received. 

I was informed that all appointments for repairs were full, but if someone cancelled I could possibly be moved up. There were no cancellations, so on August 14th the technician arrived to repair the washer.

Upon examination of the washer, the technician determined that the ordered part was not the problem and that he would order the correct part and re-schedule the repair after the part was received.  He informed me to call the Customer Solution Team at 1-800-549-4505.

Option 2 upon receipt of the ordered part to expedite the repair. The part was again received within 4 days.  I called the number given and found out that the repair date was for September 5th and no earlier date was available. 

On September 5th at 8 o'clock, Sears corporate offices called to inform me that the technician would  not be able to arrive for the repair of the washer and Oct 3rd was the next scheduled date.  I informed him that this date was totally inappropriate and that the original request for repair dated back to July13th.  He informed me to call 1-800- 469-4663 (Troubleshooting) for a possible solution. 

I was informed that no earlier date was available and was transferred to 1-877-495-1265. (Warranty Department) I informed the rep of my problem and was put on hold for 10 minutes.  Upon returning to the phone, she gave me 2 options. The first being to rent a washer and be reimbursed by Sears upon completion of  washer repair on October 3rd.

I rejected this option because of the  impracticality and logistics involved in removing the broken washer from my laundry room and replacing it with the rented washer.  The second option was to accept a $50.00 check and wait until October 3rd for the repair to be completed. The only logical option was to accept the  fifty dollars. 

This episode has lasted from July 13th thru October 3rd  and it is not etched in stone to be completed on the proposed completion date. (approximately 2 months and 3 weeks with the part needed for repair located on the floor of my laundry room. By the way, I forgot to inform you that I have "maintenance contract" for all repairs of the washer. 

My complaint is this. Upon being notified that the technician could not perform the work required on September 5th, my work order should be placed at the top of the repair list with top priority. Sears is totally insensitive to the hardship that it has placed on my household  being without a washer for approximately 3 months.

My spouse and I are both retired senior citizens with health issues which prevent us from traveling back and forth to laundromats.