Sunday, November 20, 2016

Problems Cancelling My T-Mobile Prepaid Account

T-Mobile is currently being used for money laundering, bank fraud and credit card fraud.  I had a prepaid account I never had a contract with T-Mobile headquarters and it was a prepaid account.  I never authorized any auto withdraws from my bank accounts.

My T-Mobile prepaid account was taken over on April 27, 2012 when my daughter, Kelly Brooks when she made the Google gmail account and entered telephone number.  I  received credit card statements with T-Mobile charges on it before I even used the credit card.

There were additional telephone numbers opened and an entire different account number I knew nothing about until I received a bill from a collection agency for an entire different account I did not open.  I might have resolved my bank fraud and credit card fraud had T-Mobile not allowed my ex husband to take over the accounts/  I stopped paying T-Mobile and my account was suspended.

It was suspended but not closed because it is still being using by my ex-husband, Arthur David Brooks, Chase Bank and State Farm in Bloomingdale, IL.  I've bought different phones since then and using my boyfriends driver's license and his information, Verizon accounts were opened.

Two different ones with different telephone numbers but these phones soon became compromised and they quickly became infected with T-Mobile. After I came to NM a couple of weeks ago, I noticed these Verizon telephone numbers showed up as telephone number (the suspended telephone number) on my friends landline even though I was calling from the "Verizon" phones.

These Verizon phones were compromised.  Also, the suspended T-Mobile phone and T-Mobile Tablet came to life once I was out of Texas and in New Mexico.  The old phone came back on and I was able to access and my Google Drive Documents that I had not been able to three months because anytime I tried to access them a verification code from the phone with the phone was required.

I continued to get billed by T-Mobile with the last address from Cincinnati, OH who I believe is connected with Chase Bank and the stock market.  Chase Executive Office has been trying to conceal information and has sent two letters to the address in Stafford, TX asking me to call them right away.

Each time I called, they wanted nothing and still would not help me with the fraudulent loans my ex husband opened with EMC Mortgage, a company  that Chase Bank Services that is involved in mortgage fraud.  I cannot close this T-Mobile account and I knew nothing about T-Mobile disclosures that were sent to me in August 2016 which is the same month and year T-Mobile suspended my account.

I cannot close the T-Mobile account and it remains open because it is still being used by my ex-husband and I saw the certificates my ex husband has used in the stock market with various dates from all over the world including Toyota Financial Services and Toyota Motor Credit Corp involving Toyota Lease Trust.

I've learned that that a T-Mobile account has been in place from 2002-2016 and was able to download and print some of the information that has been on my ex husband's cell phone in TX because my T-Mobile account is synced.  Since I got into this information, the T-Mobile tablet is locked and same with the T-Mobile phone.

I cannot unlock them and I cannot change the Network on either device because I am not the administrator.  The tablet is also unusable unless I log on as a guest as it says I'm not the owner.  I have been unable to resolve theft from my bank accounts, credit cards once my daughter made me a gmail account, entered my T-Mobile phone number and emailed me to her gmail account.

My efforts at getting the CFPB failed because of this T-Mobile account that has been controlled by my ex-husband because someone kept hacking my gmail. I  was also restricted on the calls I made and ones I might have received.

This T-Mobile account is connected to organized criminal activities and since I have not had a T-Mobile account  from 2002 to 2016 know my previous cell phone company Sprint is also involved.