Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Switch to T-Mobile Plan is a Scam

My complaint is regarding the "switch2T-Mobile" plan, advising they will pay your previous carrier up to $650.00. They make it hard. I gave them my PIN to verify the balance due, I sent them copies of my bill and they still said it was insufficient and they denied the claim.

My service was not cancelled with AT&T, my son's line was supposed to be paid off for the phone he traded to T-Mobile, which was an iPhone 6plus, and the balance at the time was approximately 800.00, I gave my son the bill and it was submitted numerous time.

He said he kept being told that there was a back log. They did not payoff my daughter in laws bill either, siting that bill was not sufficiently itemized. Well it was the bill directly from AT&T's website, how much more authentic than that. 

Now, that I have dug further you only had 60 days from the date the reimbursement was denied to resubmit the claim. Here I am stuck paying for the phone he traded in, and T-Mobile.  I feel the advertisement is deliberately deceptive. I would like for T-Mobile corporate headquarters to reconsider the documents submitted and send payoffs for both lines in the amount of 650.00.

I had an issue with my Galaxy S7 that the phone is not starting. It keeps repeating initial booting window.  I went to T mobile, Mira Mesa Market center in San Diego during lunch  time to get this things fixed or find solution.

I was standing in front of two desk left and right for a while, hoping that someone responding. After for a while, finally some one came to me saying that I have to sign in waiting form. At that moment, some other folks waiting other place coming to him and claiming that they didn't know the signing in form. This is the beginning of the mess.

I got finally called to one of staff, name as "Thu", and explained my problem, and she said she is "iPhone" expert, and doesn't not know much about Galaxy, and not even trying to touch my phone to understand the issue.

She keep iterating comment saying that "this is your phone, so you need to fix for yourself. Although this is on T-mobile, we're not responsible for the phone". I said I bought this phone from T-mobile shop, but she doesn't really help at all.

Finally another staff came as he is an expert on "Galaxy" and yelling at me that I'd better go to Samsung to get the phone fixed. They told me to reset my phone, but they don't even know whether this is going to solve the problem or not, but risking losing all my data and software, but seems they don't care.

I asked what is the chance that this reset could solve the issue, but they said it's my risk, as they have no idea what is the chance. At that point, it was obvious that they don't care about my problem, and they are not interested in fixing my problem, so I went out without fixing my phone.

It was quite disappointing experience as I'm T-mobile customer more than 5 years now, but not treated as loyal customer when I hear I better go to Samsung to get the issue fixed, and head the "read the label in the phone". As long time customer, I'd like to bring this episode to your management, so that I can get more clear explanation why they treat customer in this way.

I am very upset at T-Mobile's false advertisement. I was informed a tablet that I received was free now I am being informed it's $52.00 a month plus the $20.00 for the line. When they admitted the information given to me was false they basically let me know they don't care and I still had to pay the outrageously high invoice.

I purchased a phone through T-mobile. I have insurance, and the screen cracked 10 hours into use. tried to make insurance claim. Was told they would be sending me a lesser phone that they say is better ( not in my eyes, even cost half the price) if I wanted the lesser phone I would have bought it. assurant solutions said T-mobile would only authorize the replacement with the lesser phone.

Said I would need to talk to T-mobile if I wanted the phone replaced with same phone. Customer service told me to go to the store and they should replace it under buyers remorse. 

I went to the store and they said no, they can't do that. So now I am paying for a warranty on a phone  that they refuse to replace. I've gotten the run around every time with no solution to the issue other then me having to take a lesser phone'  pay for all the accessories over again ( just bought all less than 2 weeks for phone ).

So I guess that's the scam? Send everyone a different  phone so that need to replace everything all over again. Your basically tricking people into the insurance so that get screwed and have to replace everything else. You pay for a service not fulfilled, and a scam.

I requested to have my iPhone unlocked a month ago, and every time I called, they didn't even bother checking my IMEI number, they just said " Your phone is not a T-Mobile device. So I went to the Apple store and they checked everything for me and said to me to call T-Mobile and have them check my IMEI .

They did and it turned out that the device needs to be unlocked through T-Mobile . Long story short, I switched my service because the manager at T-Mobile said the phone is unlocked go ahead and switch.

Therefore, I switched and the phone isn't working because its locked. I have no service. I keep calling T-Mobile and no one is helping me. I hate this company and I would never return to them. very unprofessional, lazy staff. I cant believe I gave them business for the past 3 years. T-Mobile I hope you guys go out of business. They made me go through hell.