Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pissed Off at AT&T Customer Service

I have been a loyal customer of AT&T for over 6 years. Over the years, for the most part AT&T has always been kind and courteous. Recently however,  a u-verse was installed in our business.   Later I was called by a customer service employee of AT&T explaining that they were going to increase my speed from 12 to 18 or close with no extra cost.

Recently when my wife was looking at our credit card she noticed that AT&T raised the payment by over $30 per month for the last few months.  I contacted AT&T and spoke with a rude and curt representative who stated there was nothing she could do.  She even proceeded to tell me that I had always been charged that price and that the $40 amount I had been paying did not exist.

I asked for her corporate manager and sat on hold for close to 1/2 hour before she connected.  Her name was Amber.  She was kind and helped me to get my bill back down from 180.00 to 156.00 by taking off charges for services that I had never used. She did not complete the transaction and told me to call her back the next day! She said, "call me back tomorrow (Friday) and gave me her personal #.

The next day I tried to reach her twice and waited 40 minutes each time on hold. I called again on Monday and waited 30 minutes on hold again.  Another associate answered and said, "she is on the phone and will call you back." and then said, "she is off hold. I will get her.  Then after I held again, she got back on and said, "she will call you back in 10 min."

It has now been 3 days and there has been no response.  I am reluctant to check with COX Cable but find no other options at this point.  I am extremely frustrated and disappointed that I have to make a change at this point. Because of the frustration and extra work and expense that this will cause me,  I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and let them know of my displeasure in this type of treatment.

After builders next door cut our internet line twice which runs through the property next door because apparently at&t can't figure out where the box is on my property they came out and ran a new line for the second time.

After not showing up on the day we were told they would and after already calling again about it and being told no one could get out till 3 days later, someone showed up the day after we were told they would. If I sit all day waiting on you to show up and then you show up the next day how hard is it to make a call and say hey we can't make it to you today it will be tomorrow.

I mean I have things to do too! We get a new cable line put in for our internet.....told they would be out in a few days to bury the cable. 2 months later still having to move a cable to mow the yard so we don't accidentally cut it. Husband calls and tells them we need to have the cable buried. So, the guy shows up the next day like we are told.

He seems to think we have an internet issue and needs service....I tell him no internet is working we just need the cable buried. He says well it looks like it has been there for awhile I said yea it got cut when they built the house next door and it's been a couple months, he tells me I will put a drop in to have the cable buried and it will be 8 to 10 business days, are you freaking kidding me? Do the people you talk to on the phone not have to put in any information other than an address?

I mean this guy should have known what he was here for and they should have sent someone who can bury a cable? It's like they don't know what their right hand is doing! Every time we have to call them I regret it because I don't know if or when we will actually get customer service! If there was another option in my neighborhood I would not be dealing with AT&T.

AT&T flip phone is not supported, but AT&T sales the phone as if they are, either support them or tell the truth, I have been on the phone with AT&T about this, and now after talking to a supervisor told me not any flip phones are supported unless that they are I-phones, giving AT&T a poor rating I got a call and was told that I could go through a back door to get the emails.

But when I bought the phone it was sold to me as I could get emails by normal way as was on my old phone, AT&T should support the phone or take them off of the market, by this actions I am very unhappy with AT&T and I have filed a complaint with the FCC.

I cannot afford that - I have also been on the phone since January trying to get the payment on my pay day - the last day of the month every month -- they claim they cannot do that - Why?? get the money when it is there.  No one speaks English so I don't have any options - they all say they are going to help me and don't.

I asked for a payment arrangement for this bill - due June 16 (today), they say the computer will not give it to me.  I need help -- if other people can get an arrangement - I should be able to  I am paying more than anyone in my neighborhood and they have AT&T.