Sunday, November 13, 2016

Registering a Macy's Customer Service Complaint to Corporate

I am a long time Macy's shopper and have definitely noticed the decline, disappointment, frustration and irritation at every level so will relate our most recent complaint - but certainly not unique shopping experience at your stores, the appalling lack of competence, helpfulness or common courtesy. 

It easy to understand why Macy's customer service has come to this as I've heard these same complaints from many others - some who no longer will even shop at Macys.  Last Tuesday I shopped at Washington Square Macys for some clothes for 17 year old grandson.  The clerk at that time helpful and efficient.  Unfortunately, the shirt didn't fit, so my daughter went with me to exchange, find something different. 

We bought 2 pair of Levis, another shirt*, a belt in men's department.  The first clerk pathetic, barely able to complete return.  I specifically asked her to be sure all sensors removed from clothes.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  Next we went to buy a belt.  It was so dark in that area we could barely see.  As usual stuff sitting all over the floors, register areas. 

A nice clerk apologized, said they were changing out lights.  We then had to find a working register.  Next to ladies shoe department which was in total chaos.  My question - why isn't a total remodel of shoe, new lights done when store closed.  It doesn't open for customer until 10am? 

All kinds of people in ladies show department, the young man who tried to help me pathetic, didn't know what he doing, couldn't find shoe I asked for. 

I eventually bought a pair of tennis shoes and got out of there.  We went to ladies department, seeing very nice leather skirt or 2 different mannequins.  Found the department .... finally, no clerk.  Finally found someone to ask but they don't have that skirt, clerk doesn't know anything about it.  I asked why it on mannequin if it not available.  No answer.  We left with our purchases. 

The shirt we purchased, that I had specifically asked the clerk to be sure to remove all security sensors, still had sensor on it.  We were not stopped at exit door so that necessitated another trip back to Macys to get that done.  My daughter went to Macy's at Clackamas Town Center with receipt to get that done. 

After going to 4 different registers with no clerk, she finally waited until a woman showed up.  My daughter explained the issue.  The clerk grabbed the shirt, said not one word the entire time, my daughter left disgusted.  We're just the customers here. 

Obviously, we're not important, nor is the training, supervision, or interest in your management or employees to accommodate customers.  I spent a few hundred dollars at Macy's this week, obviously that not important either.  I pay my credit card bill in full every month and have been a loyal and steady customer for many years.  I think I may be done.