Monday, September 28, 2015

Dish Network Rep Threatened Me For Wanting to Cancel

I recently called in to cancel my service; I have been a customer with Dish for quite some time. I had previously called in to see if I could get a better rate. I was being charged about 150.00 monthly and had been seeing many rates a lot cheaper, not to mention I feel I was misled with the Hopper (I really did not see any difference in the regular DVR service I had before I moved and was convinced to try the Hopper).

I know this account shows I had you only almost 2 years but I actually had this much longer than that, most likely each time I moved they added me to a new contract canceled what I had or something. Anyhow, I called today to cancel my service, over the weekend I changed to a service that was much cheaper for me. The conversation with the representative was so upsetting I feel I must report this abuse.

No manager, owner, CEO would approve of the way this man talked to me continually threatening me with outrageous cancellation fees and really just, being outright nasty to me. He went from stating I had a $100.00 cancellation fee because he is looking at my contract I am under contract until December 6. Stating I started on 12/06/2013.

He then read me a script stating a $10.00 a month cancellation fee for any remaining months. When I question him about his speech, he read means I only owe $30 dollars then if I am under contract. He then said my contract was not over until 7/2016 all while screaming at me.

I felt the tone was in a very threatening manner and felt compelled to tell him his tone was not acceptable I need to speak to his supervisor and advise him I will be contacting executive relations, I asked for his name he said Jason and gave an id YHP.

I did not say that I said you had an upgrade on a box any time you get an upgrade on a box your contract is automatically extended. He was screaming at me and would not let me speak with a supervisor. He went on with I need the payment now you might as well stay with us.

He went on and on with this threatening conversation threatening me with fees and cost and immediate charges to my credit card along with I must pay right now It was at the least confrontational which I am the customer I should not be subjected to this type of customer Service. AS I explained to him If I owe a balance send me a bill.

I have already explained that I have changed my new service was already hooked up so the save was not necessary. It should have ended at that I had just did the same with Century link they attempted to save me and once I advised the cost and it was already installed that politely said, we are sorry to lose you if you need service in the future we would love to have you as a customer again, and it was over in a few minutes.

This call should have gone the same. My experience with him was unacceptable and I think you may want to monitor these calls periodically because no one should experience this type of abuse.

Compliant submitted via the Dish Network form on Hissing Kitty.