Thursday, October 1, 2015

Verizon is a Scam and the Customer Service Totally Sucks

Went to Verizon to ask about starting up with them, have been a sprint customer from day one, but my son is in army and was getting stationed in Alaska and heard that Verizon had better service.

Told the girl at counter that I was going through a divorce and needed to lower my monthly payments which at sprint was $245 for 3 lines.....she said she could help.  

I also told her that I had contract with Sprint and that it would cost me to cut off phones, she said don't worry we will pay for the cut off fees, also would get a credit on bill and a $150 credit card.

Well my phone bill is now $263 a month...for TWO lines. Then I find out that they didn't pay my cut off fees and I get a bill from sprint for $658 and change which I had to pay...or get put to collections and ding my credit that I've been working to keep. 

This is totally rotten. 

I am a single mother, just got divorced and broke.  and to top it off I went into the Verizon store where I got the phones and asked if I was on a contract, they said it's a month to month and I can cut it off anytime BUT. I need to pay over $600 per phone if I do that.

What the hell is wrong with this picture? And they took my old phones that we just bought from sprint and gave us under $100 for them, the lady at sprint said if we had brought our phones back the cut off fees wouldn't have been nearly as high.

What a scam.

I hate Verizon and the customer service sucks, they lie to you and of course once they got your signature on that paper you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, anyone know how I can get out of this contract and get an old prepaid phone, I can't afford the monthly bill let alone the money to cut off the service from this awful company.

Why do they have to lie to get people to sign a contract?  I told her exactly what I needed and wanted and came away much worse off than I was. A weeks paycheck is what I pay for my phone bill.

How is that right anyway?