Friday, September 25, 2015

Woolworths Scam Products Made in Thailand

For more years than I can recall I've been buying McLeans Sensitive toothpaste. Just this week I've been wondering why, all of a sudden there's very little foaming when brushing meaning I had to continually "top-up" my toothbrush so I checked the tube ... it's made in Thailand!

I'm really annoyed at this deception and Woolworths should be held to account for marketing this rubbish. The customers of Woolworths should be up in arms at this betrayal of trust selling substandard goods without notifying customers of the fact (in my case) that the product is no longer made in Australia where it is the best quality and now made in in Thailand which produces this rubbish instead.

I am furious I've been hoodwinked in this manner. I've always trusted in the brand and that trust has been taken away from me and from other users across the board. It merely shows that, when it comes to its customers satisfaction that (in truth) customer satisfaction is supplanted with customer deception, that what we can't see won't hurt us.

If this is what Woolworths wants then Woolworths can go to hell, I (for one) will go to Aldi and I hope everyone else does the same. Trust is an intrinsic truth everyone of us holds dear ... Woolworths has betrayed that trust.