Friday, September 25, 2015

After 16 Years As a Customer Sprint Slaps Me With $200 Early Termination Fee

I was a Sprint customer of almost sixteen 16 years with great account history. In March of this year I changed my phone to a Samsung5s.

I was on a month to month plan because my two year contract had finished and according to all the Sprint Reps I was grandfathered into the plan i had. In March of this year I bought a Samsung 5s.

I was told by the customer service agent in Woodbridge, Va. Specifically that after paying for the phone to 24 months I will have the option to keep it and or upgrade to the latest phone of my choice.

Please remember that I have no two year contract with Sprint and I am paying for service plus the phone. Our family moved to Blacksburg and to lower the cost I tried asking sprint if I can bring two other lines to Sprint and the best plans for doing so. The plans the advertised were somehow not available to existing customers and only for new one.

I can understand that and respect that.  Because I was unable get a better plan for my wife and son through sprint we decided that we will go to Verizon with my wife's plan with an increase of only twenty five dollars and I can get a blackberry z30 which is what wanted in the first place. According to my sprint paper work the total I owed to sprint if i remained with them for my phone was $508.

I have no problem with it. In fact before changing to Verizon I called Sprint on three different occasions and asked specifically that if I were to move away from sprint what would I owe, and they stated that I would only have to pay the remaining amount for my phone lease which in August 2015 was about $399.

Once again, I had no problems with it and just to let you know I recorded two of the three calls just to make sure.  In all three calls the answer was the same, I would owe $399 to payoff my lease.

Well long story short, I did change to Verizon, as soon as that happened i received a bill from Sprint in the amount of  $732. 

After digesting this for a day I called sprint for an explanation and all I got from them was not only I will owe the $399. but they also tagged another $200 for the buying option at the end of my lease.

Please remember the $200 was an option to buy after the lease is over. The Samsung phone is not even worth that price when I bought it in March. I have asked to speak with a supervisor but to this day all I get is customer service and have start from the beginning every time.

I want to pay the $399 I owe no problem but I refuse to pay the additional $200 for a possible option to purchase at the end of the lease. If someone at Sprint can please help me resolve this issue I will be grateful. I had almost 16 years of great relationship with Sprint and would hate to end this in this manner.

Thank you for letting my vent my complaint.

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