Saturday, October 31, 2015

Top Aldi Customer Service Complaint of 2015

Aldi is one of the world's largest supermarket chains. They have more than 10,000 global locations and make billions in revenue. Founded in Germany, they have quickly expanded and have a large customer base.

Though they are successful, there are still quite a few Aldi customer service complaints that we read each day on our website during 2015. That's not to say we do not hear from upset customers at other similar supermarket chains. Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, and Woolworths are not immune to negative feedback.

It's worth noting that Aldi has done a much better job in recent years on customer service, making capturing this feedback on their website a priority.
Most of the customer complaints are centered around a few very simple problems that Aldi could correct very easily. In fact, their customers appear to be very loyal and want to help the company.
There were a lot of potential submissions we could share, but we thought this one was awesome. Here is the best Aldi customer service complaint of 2015:

I shopped in the Aldi store yesterday. I purchased 3 packages of pasta crackers right by the front check out counter. They were marked $1.99 and on sale for $.99.  I was charged $1.99 for each - overcharged $3.00. I only purchased this many packages because they were on sale - and another customer actually told me about the sale on them, and I was then over-charged.

I just looked at my receipt now. What do you suggest? Should I call the complaint line to register my feedback? I leave this morning for my home. (200 miles away) I am not very happy about the overcharge as I always shop your stores when visiting. The store is not open at this time. Hopefully you will respond and somehow I will get refunded. I am disappointed on this visit to your store

I never usually have a problem with Aldi, I find the quality and price of food really pleasing and my partner and myself frequent this store to do our weekly shop. We have just been to one particular store today.

My fiancé and I decided to have a few alcoholic beverages, is this a crime? Well the lady that served my fiancé certainly thought so! When paying her she remarked oh is this a regular occurance? To which my fiancé, who was by now a little embarrassed replied oh I just get a few drinks now and then, I happened to be our of ear shot at the time, I wish to god I hadn't because I would have told her to mind her own bloody business!

She then said oh I can tell by your face, maybe the extra not a good idea? To which he replied... excuse me but since when do your staff play the judge and jury on how much and how often their customers drink!

 I can explain myself why we wanted to drink but why the bloody hell should we? If certain members of staff are offended by customers buying alcohol then should they be working in a supermarket that sells alcoholic beverages? We regularly shop in your store but my poor fiancé now feels bloody embarrassed and why should he?

I'm not one for complaining but this has really pissed me off. My partner and I work both full time and I don't see why some scatty young girl behind a till should dictate our lifestyle! Sorry but this has really annoyed me it was only as we walked out the shop that my fiancé told me what happened.

You need to educate your staff on manners and respect if they want to customers to return to your store. On Saturday we brought some coffee latte glass cups too, returning to the same store. After filling the cup up with coffee I picked the cup up. It cracked from the top to the bottom causing hot coffee to come out all over me!

I strongly suggest you remove this product from the shelves to stop further glasses breaking with hot coffee/tea over other people. I shall be returning to your store tomorrow with the glass to see the manager and file a formal customer service complaint.

If I'm not satisfied with the response I get from the store manager I will be taking legal action against yourselves and may even go to he local news paper so that other people are aware off this product.

I have misplaced my receipt but it will be on CCTV on your store purchasing this item.