Thursday, October 1, 2015

Comcast Turned Me Over to Collections After I Cancelled

I was a Comcast customer.  We sold our home. I called weeks in advance to shut off my service on a specific date. I was met with nothing but frustration. First rep-need to look up your new address to see if you can get service-ok-no, can't get service where I am moving to. 

OK, turn off my security and Wi-Fi. No, can't do that, it will coast me $500 for breaking the contract. Five reps later, same story, only I finally get one to shut off the service. I was told I could keep the service going and live out the contract?

OK, so I should let the new homeowner have free Wi-Fi and security on my bill? I don't think so. I turned in the equipment, got a receipt, then Comcast starts billing me $800.00 for that! In my opinion, Comcast broke the contract by not providing me service at my new address. 

I should not have to pay the $500. I did not want to sever service, although they are then I start getting calls from a collection agency. Comcast turned me over to collections even though I was making payments on their bogus bill.

The collection agency verified that I showed making payments to me. I then received a bill from the collection agency for the full remaining amount.  I paid it.  

BUT- my credit now has a derogatory and my score was a who knows. I will never use them again, even if it means no cable or Wi-Fi.