Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can I Sue AT&T for Damaged Property?

I want to file a claim against AT&T for a damaged fence. I have been having an issue with AT&T and I writing to the Public Utilities Commission to file a complaint and get some assistance. They have uprooted my fence and still will not come to fix it.

About nine months ago, PG&E installed a new utility pole in my back yard. They did a very good job, causing no damage to the fence. They transferred the electric line and removed their portion of the pole. They notified AT&T to come and remove their portion of the pole/AT&T cable area.

About seven month later, the AT&T crew came out and transferred their cable to the new poll, and it was their responsibility to remove the remaining pole. In doing so, the crew pulling up the old pole up rooted my new fence as well!

The hole left was to be filled by the dirt left from the new pole. Instead they brought in three five gallon buckets of concrete block and filled in the pole hole with these blocks, then using some of the dirt for the top few inches, but leaving most of  the dirt piled up against my fence, which was new and is no longer sturdy.

I called the AT&T phone number they referred me to 1-800-288-2020, and they sent a technician named Kevin who took pictures of the area, he informed his supervisor Hatch would contact me, he did not.

After a week I called several times before he answered my call, and he gave me an AT&T claim number and a phone number to call, but said I should wait about a week. Two weeks later Metta from Sedgwick (Sedgwick is a company that handles AT&T claims) called about my claim, and she said her supervisor will call.

I called three times after a few days and left my phone number, and claim number -- still no answer from the Sedgwick supervisor Jason. I have made four calls in four week and still no responds .

This has been going on too long. I’m a retired person that just wants my new fence repaired to the way it was before they damaged it. I would especially like to have it fixed before winter. If it falls over, the cost will be more than simply fixing it now!

Please I want AT&T to contact me to have a representative work with me to have my fence fixed.