Friday, October 2, 2015

I Tried Calling T-Mobile Support -- Big Mistake!

I was originally trying to update my billing information from the T-Mobile Website. I had a new CCard and needed to update my account because it was due in 2 days. When I logged in, the website asked me to enter my 10 digit number, when I did, the website laughed at me!

Asking me to verify my 10 digit number. I tried several times and received the same response. So I decided to call T-Mobile Customer Support! WHAT A MISTAKE!

I spoke to my first 'Support' person (Spanish-American) who, by the way, didn't have a clue what the term, 'Customer Service' means. So anyways, after having him repeat himself several times due to language barrier issues, I realized that he didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

His 'troubleshooting' skills let him to have me 'Re-Register' my T-Mobile account and when that failed (due to the same exact message), his next step was to have me empty my browser cache and try to log in again, and when that failed, had me try to re-register. So far, 12 minutes has elapsed.

Why me? Why today?

Oh and before I forget, I am an IT Manager and worked in the Customer Service Industry for over 15 years, so I DO know about Customer Service, and Information Technology. So when I file a complaint online, you know it means something.

But let's continue. He then decided to transfer me to 'Tech Support', another Spanish American but not as bad as the first.

The first thing I asked this T-Mobile agent once he said his opening was if the previous agent filled him on on why I was being transferred. His response "No, but let me check the notes". It turned out, there wasn't any notes! So I had to go through this whole thing over again and added what the previous agent had me do.

So, T-Mobile Tech Support's solution (after the 3 times he had me on hold) was to open a ticket to the Website Admins to see why my number was being displayed as INACTIVE, yet their system had me as ACTIVE.

Great! and so my next obvious question was, "Do you have a ticket number for me?" His Reply:" Oh we don't have ticket numbers, I just emailed my supervisor and they will notify the Website Admins..." REALLY?

So I didn't want to waste my time commenting on THAT one, so I asked about a time frame for Resolution.

He said from 24-72 hours! So, since my account needed updating withing 48 hours due to a payment that was coming out, I asked him for his recommendation. (If I was in his position, I would have automatically suggested to my customer that I would transfer them to Billing in order to get the account updated ASAP...But NO... that was NEVER an option for him!)

He re-iterated that those were the standard resolution times and that he could escalate the issue but there would be no guarantees that they would resolve it before the 48 hrs.

When I repeated my concern and even brought up the 'Billing' situation (as a HINT KEYWORD) he still never suggested anything of value. So I decided to step in and ask him if he could transfer me to billing. (not that I wanted to speak to yet ANOTHER helpful Spanish-American CSR, but I needed my billing issue fixed!)

So off he went, putting me on hold for a few seconds, only to be connected with a FULL-ON automated agent for AUTO-REFILLS. (sorry buddy, wrong department! I had no choice but to hang up and call back.

Only to receive yet ANOTHER Spanish-American agent that appeared to be more English speaking than the rest, BUT I asked to be transferred to Billing as I was running out of time. Onto the next CSR, Ms Spanish-American #4. Asking me for my T-Mobile phone number (and PIN) for verification, Once done, she asks what I needed.

So, I explain the billing situation to her (not bothering to explain the whole website issues), only to be rudely interrupted with "There will be a charge for us to update your account, it's free if you update it on our website!"....@!?$#

So, off I go, explaining the whole T-Mobile website issue.

She then realizes that she can't update my account because, well, I'm not too sure why. She DID tell me but I couldn't make out a word she said. So guess what, another transfer.

This time, I was speaking to a full blown English Speaking American! I explained the billing issue, she got right on it, updated my account, set me up for auto-pay, all good!

The total time spent was 35 minutes from the beginning of my ordeal, up until I got my issue resolved. I encountered very POOR customer service agents that just happened to be ALL Spanish-American.

Besides some language barriers, lack of knowledge, lack of proper training, all round very poor. It makes me wonder why T-Mobile would sacrifice their business by employing people like this.

Granted, alot of this is probably due to lack of proper training but still.

Anyways, that's my story.