Friday, October 2, 2015

Yahoo! Contact Information is Impossible to Find

I have been trying to restore my e-mail account on my desktop computer where it is locked out. My laptop, cell phone, and tablet all have access to the e-mail acct. I contacted what I thought was a Yahoo representative to correct the problem.

I was told that Yahoo was unable to correct my problem because I had a virus that was conflicting my acct and that is why it was locked out. Their customer service department is horrible.

The person I was talking to then went into a sales pitch to try to sell me a fake service package for virus and malware protection for $400. This pissed me off and I told him to get off my computer, which he did, but left me with my desktop screen full of file indicators and my access to the programs on the desktop either locked or extremely slow to access.

All I wanted was to gain access to my email acct. where I could change my password to access it.  I have forgotten the password, and when I try to change it I have to answer the question of what was my first job. I have tried answering the question but get nowhere so I cant change the password to my account.

I thought calling Yahoo again for help would get the issue fixed, but only got a salesman. Your trouble shooting links are no help either. I am totally pissed off that your contact information is so difficult that I cant use it.

I started out with an E-mail that I could not access and ended up with a computer that I am afraid to use. Surely Yahoo has better service trouble shooting techs than what I had today. This person was so difficult to understand that I was confused most of the time and had to ask him to repeat himself numerous times.

All I wanted was for Yahoo to give me a link to change my password. I ended up with a computer I am afraid to use because of all the file folders on the desktop page. I want this issue resolved fast, as I have lost all patience of trying to resolve it with your system which is so confusing that I cant use it.

Fix it fast, or I will change e-mail service providers and soon.