Saturday, November 21, 2015

24 Hour Fitness Customer Files Injury Complaint

I need to contact 24 hour fitness with an injury complaint. This is (Injury during Michelle Jordan' Step Class). Today during step class, as I was going over the step equipment , I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground.

To my surprise, Ms. Jordan failed to stop instructing the step class to assist me since she saw when I fell. It was my sister, Sharon, and another member, Andrew, who came to my aide because I was clearly on the floor and in pain.

When I decided to leave the step class due to my injuries, Ms. Jordan loudly said "Thank You"  because she was happy that I was leaving her class as a result of my injuries. Her friends laughed at her inappropriate and unprofessional comment.

When I returned to the step class because I thought I was feeling better at that time, Ms. Jordan and her friends laughed again. This is not the first time that Ms. Jordan has displayed this type of behavior, as I have witnessed her do this to other members she dislikes.

There has been numerous complaints brought against Ms. Jordan in the past, while under Bally's Total Fitness management. One member was targeted and harassed by Ms. Jordan so much that she discontinued her membership because she felt like she was not valued as a member, nor was Ms. Jordan reprimanded for the matter.

As a business entity, I would think and hope that 24 Hour Fitness values their members and will not want to lose any member over an instructor by ignoring his/her complaint or sweeping such matters of any capacity under the rug.

Nonetheless, in regards to the matter of today's incident, as the step class continued, Ms. Jordan loudly made another comment that was directed towards me by saying "There's a cat in the room" and once again, her friends laughed at her comment. I continued my workout without saying a word to Ms Jordan. She repeated what was said earlier stating that "I see the cat is still here."

Once again, her friends laughed with her. At this point, I still did not address Ms. Jordan, because drama and conflict is not something I engage in, much less what I go to the gym for. As I continued stepping, I noticed the floor was a bit slippery in my area, perhaps this contributed to my fall earlier, so I moved my step closer to the front of the class.

At this time, Ms. Jordan ran outside and claimed that she felt threatened then proceeded to get one of her male coworkers. I am unsure what perception of the situation she relayed to him or his response. To date, I have not said anything to Ms. Jordan because I am a woman of professionalism, class and maturity. I refuse to partake in any type of pettiness of which she exudes periodically in her classes with other members.

I have been working out at that location (2163 Tilden Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11226) since January 21, 2001 under the former name, Bally's Total Fitness without any incidents. I value my workouts and the gym as a place of peace and I should not have to deal with anyone or any situation that jeopardizes that.

Especially someone like an instructor who is supposed to contribute to a peaceful environment. Ms. Jordan and her behavior makes the environment unpleasant when she exhibits such behaviors, which is rather unfortunate because I thoroughly enjoy her class, as I have been taking it since I have attended this gym.

I would hope that this letter reaches the proper authorities in efforts to rectify this situation and prevent any further conflicts with Ms. Jordan, not only with myself, but any other gym members that attend this gym.