Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The AT&T and DirecTV Merger is a Scam

I want AT&T to be aware of what Dirert TV is doing to get new customers since you acquired some interest in the company last June. 

I have received good experience with AT&T cell phone usage so thought Direst TV was going to change their ways even though they are facing numerous law suits for  poor practices.

On September 18, 2015 I called Direst TV to get a quote for service and talked to Connie. She quoted me $84 per month for the Choice package.  I asked her if this included Internet and wireless service. She said it didn't but we could reduce our fee $4 by the packaging effect.

Also, she said that since we are AT&T customers (auto billing) we can get $10 off our monthly bill for a total of $74 per month. At this point she should of advised us that Century Link is a separate company and we should contact them concerning charges or provided us with the actual costs.

But without this information this sounded great since this was saving us about $100 per month from our existing provider. Yesterday we received a bill from Century Link for $104.07 for the Internet and wireless service.

This was a shock. We were led to believe this charge was included in the $74 that would be billed by AT&T. I would be OK if Direct TV had leveled with us that Century Link was a separate company and provided the true story.

Checking with Century Link we were advised that our charge will be reduced to approximately $40 per month after 3 months. This will help some.