Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Broken LG Refrigator Complaint Number

Please refer my my LG refrigerator complaint numbers RNA151109046402, 151114032004, 151123084235.
This has extended warranty up to 2017. These numbers were followed up many times by calling your customer care and also Balaji Services. His mobile number is 9049007330.

He attended the call and sent his assistants who came & left since they had not brought the needed materials. Once Mr. Pramod from Balaji came and without seeing the problem changed the thermostat & left. Actually it was not needed. They said Mr. Dhanaji (technician) would visit us next time but till today nobody has come and helped me.

Once Mr. Sarjerao came and saw the fridge  and  said that there was a gas problem & left thereafter no calls. His number is 9168683705. The others numbers I contacted are 9168683704 (Pramod)  & 9168683707 (Dhanaji).

A day before yesterday I received a call from 2261588600 promising that the service man would come after 2 p.m. yesterday. we kept waiting & no body came.

Please, take corrective action and help me at the earliest. There is a marriage program in my house on 04/12/2015 and the fridge is not working and this has created many problems.

I always trusted L.G.Products but today at this juncture I feel bad & repent the minute that led me to buy your product. My last fridge was Godrej & I used it for 12 years without any problems & not even a single repair service  in 12 years.

I gave it to my relative & it is still in superb condition. Now I would like to keep you informed that this fridge has under gone three  repair services since I purchased. This has increased  my headache and I request you to complete the service at the earliest or I will go to the consumer Court  & you will have no option but to replace this fridge.

I will also send my remarks to CNN and times of India  & also Mumbai mirror and will create awareness about the L.G.Products & the hopeless service. The world is moving towards achieving great  things  and what about you.

What are you  achieving? Customers bad remarks! Is it fair? Should I really repent about my choice? We are only Three . Myself , my wife & my son studying in Eng. dept. We use the fridge very carefully.

The copy of this will be submitted to the consumer court.