Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Applebees Employees Need Some Customer Service Training

On Sat. March 26, 2016 We called the Bozeman Mt Applebees to order from car side to go. After calling the number I was put on hold for several min. When the gentlemen that answered the phone came on he asked what it was I wanted to order.

So I started to place my order and before I could completely finished he interrupted me and started bombarding me with questions. So, here is where my complaint gets good. I want a ribblet platter that we have order from them several times. I asked the man to wait so he could hear my order.

Obviously- he did not listen. He was stuck on asking me about if i wanted a 1/2 rack or whole. I was confused because we have ordered this from applebees before and never have i been asked about what kind of rib I wanted. At any rate I ordered the riblet platter and when we went to car side to go.

I check the order because the past few times that we have done this our order is wrong. When I order the platter for my husband i order it without BBQ sauce cause he hates it. So when i opened up my order there was a rack of ribs with BBQ sauce all over it.

The kid that brought the order to us was not the same one that we ordered from- so he took back the order and the man that i spoke with on the phone came out to talk to us. He started out his conversation to be that I was extremely rude on the phone.

 Then he proceeded to tell me what I ordered. Obviously he did not listen to a thing I said cause i kept asking for a riblet platter without BBQ sauce.

I tried to explain to him that i have no  idea why he would have asked me about the size of the ribs when I order a platter. His attitude just got worse and he told both my husband and myself that we did not need to come back to this applebees again. I asked for the manager.

When he arrived to talk to us he flat denied that he employee did anything wrong that he was standing right next to this kid while he was taking my order.

I pointed out that he only heard one side of that conversation and that he did not know that i could not finish what it was i wanted to order with out this person interrupting me. When he came out to talk to us My husband  asked him if they wanted out business?

The Manager said probably not. He again told us that he was backing his employee- Now- over the past few years we have noticed that portion size has gotten smaller and prices higher- we liked the fact we could use car side to go and it used to be awesome.

This applebees needs to closed up. I have never been treated as rudely as I was. I have posted this on social media and low and behold I'm Not the only one that think these restaurants have gone down hill. I am angry of the disrespectful staff that you hire and possible needs customer service training.