Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Petco Guinea Pigs and the Cruel Treatment of Animals

I bought a Guinea Pig at Petco in Ramsey. I noticed he was really skinny and was breathing funny when i got him. I took him to the vet a few days later and the Vet told me that he had a respiratory infection and possible pneumonia.

I was so upset and got antibiotics for him. A few days later he passed away. They treat their animals terribly. I went back with the vet bills and a notice from the vet saying that he (Jerry) was unfit for sale and I'm still waiting on corporate to reimburse me for the vet bills.

When I told them what happened they offered me another Guinea Pig. I looked in the cage and on the female side they had a Guinea Pig that was scratching like crazy. It was even losing its hair so it probably had mites. I needed up buying another boy (Onyx).

When i brought him home, i checked to see if he was okay. He was chubbier and looked more healthy then the last, but when i looked at the inside of his ear, he had puss and blood scabbing in his ear. He must have gotten bitten by another Guinea Pig.

It was clearly old and never checked. I immediately brought him to the vet because i didn't want the infection to spread into his blood and go septic. I am so upset and disgusted on how they treat their animal. I have been trying to contact Petco corporate to file a complaint and that is almost impossible.