Monday, March 21, 2016

AT&T Contract Problems Under Warranty

I have been an AT&T customer for over 20 years, I went to an AT&T store because my cellphone broke and was not under warranty and the AT&T next contract did not expire until Feb. 2016, the store rep told me to just add another line to my account and transfer my number to the new phone and come Feb.

When the 2 year and next contract expires it will just drop off my bill, well it did not and now I am having to pay 15.00 a month on the line that should have cancelled in order to keep my number, a number I do not want to change and AT&T is saying there is nothing they can do about it, make no mistake about it, it is not about the money but the principal.

I was outright lied to by there own store rep, so in the next week I will be replacing all of the services I have with AT&T with other company and still be able to switch and keep my cell phone number. Why would AT&T chose to lose a long time customer over 15.00.