Monday, March 21, 2016

Reporting a Problem with Local CVS Store

I went into a my local CVS store Friday. I had to toothbrushes and two 1.50 printable coupons. The cashier did not even scanned the coupons she called the manager and said I have problems with these coupons.

So the manager says these are copied coupons. I said the are printable Internet coupon. She said we can only take one, but the cashier just said she have problem with the coupons without even scanning the coupons. The manager walked away. Not explaining if the CVS coupon policy had changed or anything. So I took my 2 coupons to another CVS store the same day.

I had no problems at all. I have been shopping at this same CVS store for years no problem and just the day before the manager checked  me out at the register and I had several coupons. So the next day she only excepts one coupon. Someone need to explain to me if the coupon policy have changed over night.