Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AT&T Corporate Treating their Customers Poorly

To whom it may concern, this is my complaint against AT&T corporate office. Notice: All of the following I have recorded conversations ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes long. On March 16th I called ATT for information to have a broadband internet connection installed in my home.

I spoke with a very nice young woman that said broadband was available in my area. She then transferred me to another woman for the installation process. Recording number 1: The woman sold me a bundle package (special for the month of March) for Direct TV, broadband connection and home phone (I already had) for $85.86 per month.

She also stated that this price included all the movie packages, HBO, Cineamax, Stars, Encore, and ECT... for 24 months and would not exceed $105.00 after 24 months.

Also included was no data cap on the broadband connection, EVER, and a gift card for $200. I asked her several times if she was sure this was correct and every time she said yes. She said she needed a deposit of $19.59 for shipping and handling for the receivers for all 3 TVs in the home. I gave her my credit card information and she ran the card.

As the conversation was ending I then asked her in detail again if all 3 TVs would be able to watch and record their own movies and AGAIN asked if she was sure this price was correct. She responded “YES”.  An appointment was made for March 21st for the entire install. Later that evening my wife checked our online account and we were charged over $30.00 instead of the $19.59 as she stated.

March 21st: Direct TV shows up for the install. The installer only had 2 receivers as that was all that was entered in his system for the install and I was told they needed more money for the 3rd TV. I played the recording for the installer and he called his supervisor.

We both were on speaker phone and played the recording to the supervisor and she stated that price was not correct and we had to pay more money or not install the Direct TV. I told them I would not accept that because I was quoted a much different price. Direct TV left without honoring the recorded price quote. No one ever showed to install the broadband connection.

Recording #2: March 21st 2016. I called ATT to resolve this issue. The person that answered the phone was not fluent with English and I was unable to understand him, so I asked for another person, whom I could understand.

After a 15 minute hold another person came to the call and I explained the situation of my original price quote of which I had recorded. He stated that no DSL or Broadband internet was not available in my area at all and the direct TV package was available with satellite internet. I explained I did not want satellite internet and that I had been told by several individuals and techs before him that broadband was available at my home and an ATT pedestal was in my front yard.

I asked him then to send a tech out to my home and look in the pedestal and if so available please install the internet regardless of the previous conversations. He said he had to place me on hold to ask a supervisor. He never returned to the phone and I was disconnected. That entire conversation was 39 minutes long and over 25 minutes of it was on hold.

Recording #3: March 21st 2016. I called ATT again that evening. Talked to a representative to attempt to resolve this issue and asked again to have a tech come to my home and install the internet. I was disconnected again. On hold when disconnected.

 Recording #4 March 23rd 2016. Called ATT again to resolve this issue. I was disconnected immediately and had to recall and start conversation over. Very nice lady answered the phone and again I explained the original package deal and asked why my internet was not installed and I had taken off work 2 days and ATT had my money but I had nothing.

After several minutes on hold I was given another phone number to call to try and resolve this issue. I was told that broadband was for sure available in my area and to call this number and it would get resolved.
Recording #5 March 23rd 2016. Called number given by previous representative.

Again explained the entire package deal again. She explained that no order had been placed for any kind of internet after all these phone calls. During this conversation I was disconnected again and tried 3 times to recall and no one answered. Finally someone different answered and had to explain the entire package deal again. I was told again that no order had been placed for the internet connection of any kind. I was placed on hold for several minutes.

Someone else came to the phone and I had to explain the entire package deal again. After several more minutes on hold I was told no internet connection was available to my home. Then was placed on hold again for several minutes.  I was told that no broadband connection was available only a DSL connection was available. At this time I asked for a tech to please come to the house and install the DSL connection and I could ask if broadband was available.

She set a time for March 28th to install the DSL. No one showed up on March 28th to my home to install the internet line. I was then told that whomever I spoke to on this original package would not be honored. I then asked to speak to someone in charge to resolve this issue.

I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes and then transferred to another representative that was not a supervisor and he placed me on hold and I was disconnected again. This phone call is 30 minutes long and still had no resolution.

At this time I have spent numerous hours on the phone and several days off work only to have no internet or TV installed and the package deal not honored. ATT has not reimbursed my money and I’m still waiting for my broadband connection to be installed.

We were ATT wireless for 17 years and this is the exact reason why we switched to another provider. Please advise me how we can resolve this issue immediately. I have all these conversations recorded for anyone to listen at any time.