Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Costco Poor Quality Diamond Jewelry and Customer Service

Had called L.A. district manager and left her 2 messages to call me to in January and February and she never called me regarding the unjustified cancellation of (2) business memberships, one of them over 15 years old, and a new one.

In December, 2015 I decided to buy some diamond jewelry either at the San Bernardino Costco or the Fontana, Costco.  These were, of course expensive items, but 2 years earlier I had bought a diamond ring which I still have and love its quality and kept it. 

Getting close to Xmas. I decided to add other pieces.  One pair of stud earrings from Costco San Bernardino (around $5,000.) was poorly metal design and did not fit my ear hole easily.  Returned within a few days. 

Purchased another pair, similar, but again the hardware was defective thus returned it immediately.  I then bought on the 23rd of December various items at the Costco/Fontana (necklace and earrings), paid most of it cash and part with Amex but returned these immediately within 1 hour to the store as these did not fit me well. 

At any Costco, customers cannot try the jewelry thus I was forced to purchase these and try them at home.  When I came around 4 pm to the Fontana Costco and went to the return department, I had to wait for the staff to check these in order to be reimbursed.

While waiting for over 30 minutes, the store warehouse manager (a Mr. Locko) came and told me that he decided to cancel my membership as I was not supposed to return these jewelry items!

I rebutted his statements and explained to him that nowhere in the showcase is there a sign not to return purchased jewelry! I also mentioned to him that if that would have been so I would not have purchased any jewelry from Costco but have gone elsewhere. 

I also mentioned to him that I have over 15 years a member of Costco Executive Program and never had any problem as for him to cancel my membership.  Mr. Locko was very rude and ended by stating that he is making that decision to cancel my membership.

I own three businesses and purchase quite a bit from Costco, and value my membership very highly, but sometimes I had to return items that were not going to be used.  Never anyone from Costco complained to me about any returns.

In January I opened a new membership for another new business and apparently Mr. Locko (for whatever personal reason) kept track on my new membership and had it cancelled as well. I tried to discuss with the Regional L.A. Costco manager leaving various messages throughout the past 2 months with no success.

Would be very grateful that you investigate thoroughly this situation as I feel I was treated unjustly and disrespectful by Mr. Locko. I enjoy shopping at the local Costco and would appreciate to regain my memberships cancelled.

I still keep all receipts of all those purchased items, copies of refunds by checks, etc., should you require these in a thorough investigation.