Wednesday, March 23, 2016

AT&T Customer Service is Turning Loyal Customers Away

Where do I begin (deep sigh). I have been a loyal customer of AT&T for years. I recently got laid off, and I'm trying my best to catch up with my bills. I called AT&T and spoke with a manager (Janet) on: Monday (03/21/16) @ 12:20 PM for 20 minutes.

She offered me the following option: I can make $100.00 partial payment on: 03/28, another $100.00 on: 04/03. The past due balance is: $313.88. She informed me that I have to pay the entire balance of $313.88 by 04/03.

I have repeatedly advised her I simply can not make the remaining balance of $113.88 on the same day (04/03), there is no income coming in. I will try to perhaps borrow some $, but I refused to make a payment arrangement of the extra $113.88 when I know it will bounced for NSF (Non-sufficient fund).

She stated, I'm sorry, our system won't allowed me to extend the due date (04/03). I politely explained to her, how is it that we are as loyal customers, when we need help, you don't seem to care. I will be able to make another $113.88 payment on: 04/07. This is only a temporary situation, I'm in the process of interviewing to obtain a full-time opportunities. Her tone of voice assured me she can care less! I just don't want you guys to suspend my phone because I'm expecting phone calls for interviews etc.

And guess what happened, they suspended my phone today (03/23/16). I called AT&T again and complained to a manager name: Trish, I explained my situation and she informed me, yes, I have notes from the other manager that you spoke with on: 03/21/16, unfortunately I can not restore your service unless you pay the entire balance of $313.88 today (03/23/16). This is just unbelievable! AT&T is CROOKS!

No wonder a lot of customers are jumping ship to another providers, I'm next! Please make sure everyone knows, AT&T only cares about money, money and money!