Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lowe's Customer Service is Not Acceptable

We purchased a Samsung washer and dryer combo about 24 months ago.  We also purchased the extended 5 year warranty.   About 2 weeks ago we called because our washing machine was not working.

We were given a date for service on 3-15.  On 3-15 we were told they had no washer service reps available and it would now be 3-8.   On 3-18 the service rep showed up, but did nothing but talk to a service advisor on how to run a code on the machine. 

He determined it was the circuit board.   All the while not listening to us that the machine was making loud grinding noises.  He told us he would need to order the circuit board and the parts would take 2 to 5 day.  Today we called the service company since we have heard nothing and was told today after calling a week with out hearing anything we were told they have no record of our service call from last week.

We have been without a washing machine for over 2 weeks now with nothing resolved.   This was an expensive set and we in good faith paid for your extended service it good faith, but it does not seem that the company Lowes had hired to support your sales is no way customer friendly.   When we  complained about the service being moved, we were told " do you know how many appliances we have to service".  Frankly this is not unacceptable.  We paid you.