Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Poor Service from Adobe Customer Chat Support

It took 2.5 hours to purchase a product on-line using your support chat only to be told go back to the start and process the payment were I originally began. Your representative insisted that I was in Belgium I live in Dublin Ireland and have never live in or been to Belgium.

They then suggested a work around to pay for my purchase which was more expensive than the product advertised. In all it took 2 hour. By far the worth customer experience ever and not a care would appear to be given. A complete shambles. Please find below the transcript of my on-line ordeal for your consideration.

 I look forward to hearing from you, but based on my experience my expectations are not high.  Yours in anticipation of your company take a customer complain seriously as you will see from the transcript your colleagues did not!

General Info
Chat start time     Mar 22, 2016 5:03:53 PM EST
Chat end time     Mar 22, 2016 7:31:06 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)     02:27:13
Operator     Cynthia
Chat Transcript

info: Please hold as we route your chat to an Adobe Representative.
info: Hello! Welcome to! My name is 'Derrick'.

Derrick: Hi, may I have your first name please?
Peter: Peter
Derrick: Hello Peter. It's nice to have you on chat.
Derrick: How may I assist you with your purchase today?
Peter: I am trying to buy Element 14 but your system keeps saying my account is register to the wrong country. I am in Ireland
Derrick: Let me transfer this chat to our Customer Service team who will be glad to assist you to change country, okay?
Peter: Thank you
info: Please wait while I transfer you to an operator at Adobe Service.
info: We are still assisting other customers, thank you for your patience. You can also try our community forums, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

info: You are now chatting with 'Venkatesh' at Adobe Service.
Venkatesh: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
Venkatesh: Hi,
Peter: Hi
Venkatesh: I understand that you wish to change the county.
Venkatesh: May I please have your email address registered with Adobe?
Venkatesh: Thank you for email address.
Venkatesh: Let me check and help you in this regard.
Venkatesh: Thank you for your patience.
Venkatesh: I see that this email address is registered in Ireland.
Peter: That is correct . I live in Ireland and I am trying to buy using this account
Venkatesh: May I know the exact error you are getting ?
Peter: The account was registered for a different country. Please sign out and sign in using an existing account for this country.
Venkatesh: Just to confirm, do you wish to place the order in Ireland under ?
Peter: Yes
Venkatesh: May I place this chat on hold for 2 minutes while I research on this?
Peter: Yes
Venkatesh: Thank you for your patience.
Venkatesh: Please confirm me the credit card is from which country.
Peter: Ireland. I have not been asked to enter by Creit Card details yet and I am still getting this error
Venkatesh: Thank you for informing.
Venkatesh: In this case, I will transfer the chat to our relevant team. They will help you in placing the order for you.
Venkatesh: Please stay online.
Peter: Should it be this difficult? Do you not wan tome to buy your software? I have been on chat for over 15 minutes!
Venkatesh: Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. As I have been reviewing your issue and checked every thing of your account. If I transfer the chat to sales department. They will place the order for you.
Venkatesh: I see that you have been contacting from Belgium.
Peter: /No I am in Ireland . Dublin to be exact . Is this a problem with GEO Loction and my ISP ?
Venkatesh: Yes, that might be the issue.
Venkatesh: That's  the reason I will transfer the chat so that they will place the order for you.
Venkatesh: Is that okay for you ?
Peter: yes. Do I get a discount for all the hassle?
Venkatesh: If I transfer the chat to sales team. They will assist you better and we do not require information regarding your issue.
Venkatesh: Please stay online, while I connect the chat.
info: Please wait while I transfer you to an operator at Adobe Sales.
info: You are now chatting with 'Cynthia' at Adobe Sales.
Cynthia: Hello, Peter!
Peter: Hello
Cynthia: It is nice to have you on chat!
Cynthia: As I understand you would like to purchase Photoshop elements 14 Am I correct?
Peter: Not have a good experience with Adobe at present
Peter: yes you are correct .
Cynthia: I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Cynthia: Since you are  not able to place order, let me go ahead and place order, okay?
Peter: Yes
Cynthia: Could you please confirm your email Id, complete name, billing address and zip code?
Peter: Mr Peter Ahern, (Removed By PA)
Cynthia: Thank you.
Cynthia: Please allow me two minutes to check it.
Cynthia: Thank you for staying online.
Cynthia: Click here to submit card details.
Peter: Will this take much longer. A little frustrated. This is taking a very long time
Cynthia: I'm really sorry for the delay.
Peter: How much is being charge to my card?
Cynthia: It will take 2-3 minutes to complete the order.
Cynthia: I'll help you with the order total on the final payment page.
Peter: Do I get a discount for being so patient ?
Cynthia: Peter, I wish I could help you with the discount, however, I'm sorry we are no authorized to provide discounts.
Peter: That is very disappointing and really poor service . I have spent so much time to get to this point .
Cynthia: I understand your concern, Peter.
Cynthia: However, we do not have an option to provide discounts.
Peter: Is there not someone there that can do something ?
Cynthia: Let me check what best can be done.
Peter: Thank you.
Cynthia: Please allow me two minutes.
Peter: ok
Cynthia: Thank you for staying online. I appreciate your patience.
Cynthia: Peter, I did speak to my supervisor about it. I am afraid that it no luck on the discount front.
Peter: Is this normal. 1 hour to purchase software and you do not even offer a goodwill gesture!
Cynthia: I apologize. However, this experience is just one of a case and it usually just take few minutes for anyone to complete the order on web. Since you are facing difficulties I would be glad to take this order on your behalf.
Cynthia: Shall we go ahead with the order process.?
Peter: How much is going to be charged to my Credit Card ?
Peter: ?
Cynthia: I'm sorry for the delay.
Cynthia: I'll help you with the price.
Cynthia: Please conform State/Region name so that.
Cynthia: Along with zip code.
Peter: Please. I have already provided this information .
Cynthia: The reason I'm confirming it again is that, we do not have information about the  zip code.
Peter: Could you transfer me to your supervisor. This is going beyond a joke !
Peter: There are not States or Zip coded in Ireland!
Cynthia: Peter, I see that Photoshop Elements costs EUR 83.00 excluding tax.
Peter: Strange because your site shows it as €71.34 .
Peter: Now I know Adobe I trying to try my patients.
Cynthia: I understand your concern.
Peter: Could you transfer me to a supervisor or manager. If not could you provide me with contact details for someone to make an official complaint and forward this complete communication with your organisation
Cynthia: Let me check what best can be done.
Peter: Can you please let me know what is going on and how much longer I am expected to wait?
Cynthia: Sorry for the time it's taking. I see that we have a promotional price for Elements on web. And the order total on the web is showing as €71.46
Peter: Yes. But why are you quoting €83 ? Why is this so difficult ? Can you pleas answer my query @22:17:21
Cynthia: Peter, I regret to inform you that since your purchase is on an product with discounted price I don't have an option to complete the order with discounted price from my end. 
Cynthia: I understand that this is certainly adding to your frustration.  However, I have updated your billing details on your account. Can you please try to complete the order on the web by yourself to see if your encountering the same problem.
Peter: Over 1 hr 30min to get to this . You are joking right ! Y
Peter: Can you transfer me to a manager or someone that can take this seriously
Cynthia: Sure, let me get this transferred right away.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
Steven: Hi Peter. I'm Cynthia's supervisor. Let me review your conversation, please allow me a couple of minutes.
Peter: OK
Steven: Thanks for that wait.
Steven: I can see that you are unable to place order for Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 at discounted price, am I correct?
Peter: Yes . And it has taken over 1.5hours to get to this point . And after all that time I am being told go back to the original site in the hope that your system will accept the order this time
Steven: I understand your concern and the time taken to help you with this. Let me look further into this.
Steven: I see that your account registration has been changed from Belgium to Ireland and the email verfication has been sent to your
Peter: My account was register as Ireland . I have not now or ever lived in or been to Belgium
Steven: You need to click on the email verification to confirm the account change, so that you will be able to proceed with the order without any problem.
Peter: When was this e-mail sent?
Steven: It was sent a few minutes ago.
Peter: Why is my account showing as Belgium and why has it take 1.5hours to correct this?
Steven: Belguim might have been selected as country at time of creating the adobe account. It has been resolve now so we can proceed with the order.
Steven: The promotional offer on Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 at €71.46 is an online offer that will automatically apply on the website while placing the order without any promotional code. Hence we are unable to place the order at this price from our end.
Steven: However, let me help you place the order on the website.
Steven: Please clear your browser cookies and history first before we start the order process.
Peter: I was not selected I am certain it was Ireland. When I check my account with the original problem it was Ireland. This is a very poor customer experience .
Peter: Will I lose this chat if I do that
Steven: You will not lose this chat, just open the web browser and clear the cookies and history. Do not click on close button for this chat window.
Steven: Let me know once you clear cookies and history from your browser.
Peter: Done
Steven: Great!
Steven: Now click or copy/paste the above link on your browser.
Steven: Click on "Buy"button below Photoshop Elements 14.
Steven: Select platform and language, then click on "Save Change" button.
Steven: Click on "Checkout", sign in with the email address and password.
Steven: Enter name and billing address exactly same as on your credit card information, enter card number without any space or hyphen in between the digits.
Steven: I'll stay online on this chat, let me know if you face any problem while placing the order.
Steven: Peter, are you able to place the order?
Peter: Think I have placed order but not downloading
Steven: The order can take upto 24 hours to get processed, but in most cases, it takes only a few minutes. You will receive an email once your order processed and ready to download.
Steven: You can login to your adobe account anytime later to download and install the software.
Steven: Could you please provide me the order number for our reference?
Peter: This is by far the worst customer experiences I have had in a very long time ! I can not believe that Adobe think this is in any way good and that you do not think a goodwill gesture is warranted. The Order number is AD006133190IE
Steven: I totally understand your concern and apologize for the inconvenience you have experience today.
Steven: Thanks for the order number. I will make a record of your purchase. Have you got the order confirmation email?
Peter: How do I escalate this within your organisation . It is all great to apologize. After 2 hours it is not really enough. I have not received a confirmation e-mail and still waiting for a download which according to your earlier comments could take up to 24 hours
Steven: Since we do not have an email support, you can call our Phone support center in your region regarding complaint or escalation
Steven: 24 hours is the maximum timeframe to process order, it will get processed anytime and you will get confirmation email shortly.
Steven: Have you used the trial version before?
Peter: Can you give me the number for Ireland and a contact?
Peter: I will need to send them the transcript of this process
Steven: Sure, Phone Support Number in Ireland is 1800 946197.
Steven: If you haven't used the trial version, you can download and start using for the time being. Once your order processed, you can just enter the serial number to convert to full version without re-downloading.
Peter: Is this the normal escalation process?
Steven: Yes, it is the normal process.
Steven: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Peter: So once I call they will be able to do something meaningful
Steven: Once you call them, they will check and help you with further.
Peter: What exactly will they check that I spent 2 hours to place an order and that is acceptable ?
Steven: They will probably ask the help you need or what you would like to do and help you accordingly.
Steven: Do you have any further question I can answer for you?