Sunday, March 27, 2016

Comcast Customer Service Shut Off My Internet and TV

I have had a horrible experience with Comcast customer service so far. I first placed an order for new service and the technician never showed up after taking the day off for the installation. The reason given was they were trying to contact me on the incorrect contact number.

After rescheduling the appointment they said they could not include the referral code to the new order and the only way to include it was to cancel the original order and make a new order with referral code included.  After waiting another week you technician showed up on time and installed the TV and Internet service but the telephone service did not work. 

The tech called the office and was told that the telephone numbers had not been released by AT&T and that I would have to wait 3 business days to have them installed.  I told the tech that that was unacceptable because one of the numbers was my business line.  He said that he could reinstall the modem for the U-verse service which made the phones operational. What a terrible merger this has ended up being.

Then I asked the tech how I was to be compensated for having to continue to pay AT&T while Comcast corrected their mistake.  I see now why the corporate office has a horrible rating with the BBB.  That's when things started going down hill. He said that he had nothing to do with that and if I did not like the service I had a 30 day guarantee. 

I told him that I needed to speak to someone that could tell me what to expect, which is when he said he was taking  everything out and Comcast would call AT&T to have my previous service reconnected. 

I called the Comcast office and spoke to Laquisha who spoke directly with the Tech and they got into a heated discussion after which the Tech said he had to leave for another appointment and refereed Laquisha to his supervisor said (904-646-7776).  He removed all the equipment and left at that time.

Now I have no service from Comcast, no services from AT&T, TV, Telephone or Internet. I spent he next 4 and a half hour on the phone being transferred to no less than 9 representatives saying that nothing could be done and I had to wait for the next available install date if I wanted services at all. 

I this is what I should expect from Comcast customer service I think I seriously need to rethink my decision to switch.