Sunday, March 27, 2016

Robbed by Amazon Prime Billing Department 3 Times

Amazon has charged me three times for (prime) on a amazon account I never used or subscribed for prime. I really had forgotten that I was a member under this old email number. I opened a prime account under my present email and address on Dec 2015.

Since then amazon billing department has charged me three times for new membership under the old account. Each time they reimbursed me for the mistake after I filed a complaint online against them. Finally in march I told them to cancel out the old account but they mistaking canceled out my prime (which was paid for) on my new account.

Amazon said they could not restate my prime unless I paid $101.00 more up front and then they would reimburse me and my prime would be restarted.

I stated I already paid 101.00 for my prime and I should be reinstated immediately without any extra payment. They also told me it would take approx. 5 days, which now has caused an order for a gift to be cancelled.

I can not believe a company of this size and technical know how cannot reinstate a customer back in prime do to their error without an extra payment. At this time I paid 101.00 and have no prime. I have been robbed by amazon!