Monday, March 28, 2016

United Airlines Customer Service Was Rude and Unhelpful

The United phone reservations person was hard to understand (not good English) flew me into the wrong airport Dulles it was specifically said by me fly me into Reagan airport "i'm going to a Military Funeral I need the closest to Arlington Cemetery" the  flight attend Did Not up grade to business class as promised (i have some disabilities).

Here is the reason for my complaint about United Airlines. I had a window seat the lady sitting next to me would Not let me out to go to the bathroom. the window seat across the aisle had a medical emergency, the 6 seats in front of her and myself was occupied by a mother with a crying child pretty much the whole time of flight they got her and her children out quickly, but I couldn't get past the rude lady.

It was a $75 upgrade to business class I never received and $75 cab ride to the hotel. The next United customer service person "Bad English" charged me $75 to fly home from Reagan airport, next they charged me $75 for stand by, the United counter employee was Rude would Not answer questions, and would let me bring my garment bag (carrying my military uniform) on the flight there was almost a fist fight between he and a boarding passenger, Not me.

This was a total unpleasant experience with United Airlines besides being there for for a life time friend's Military Funeral. I'm requesting all miles plus be refunded 60,000 and credit card charges of 25, 75, 11.20, 75, 75 be refunded.