Sunday, March 27, 2016

Don't Travel Qatar Airways From Melbourne to Doha

My daughter had a Qatar Airways flight that was booked and arranged in Melbourne, her aim was to undertake a much anticipated tour on various national parks in the south of Africa. She left as scheduled from Melbourne and arrived in Doha, to be told upon arrival that her ticket was “not valid” and that she was unable to continue her flight to Cape Town even though it was a transfer to another Qatar flight.

The check in attendant informed her that she would need to purchase another ticket from a counter to make the flight to Cape Town. She was very upset and disturbed and obeyed instructions as she was traveling alone, and purchased another ticket at Doha airport and went into the queue to travel to Cape Town to then be told the flight was now “over supplied” and she could not get a seat on the flight.

She was now stuck in Doha with two tickets for the same flight and not able to travel regardless, and she would now miss the commencement of the tours in Africa. All through no fault of her own.

I am angry and disappointed about her treatment in Doha by Qatar customer service staff. I am angry and upset about how an error like this could even occur when she is transferring. I am angry and disappointed for her on this much anticipated trip that it was nearly completely ruined.

I sought reimbursement of all out of pocket costs from Qatar and an apology for her appalling treatment from an international renowned airline. No response. 5 stars? They bought them, not earned them.