Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hertz Upgrade Scam Overcharging Customers for Better Cards

I reserved a car on line for pick up & return to Sky Harbor Phoenix, & prepaid. On line a model vehicle or equivalent was given. All well & good. After a long flight & shuttle to rental car. I was tired. The Associate said she had a KIA available. Let me share why I am filing a complaint about Hertz today.

I replied with "do you have something else?" She offered a Camry. She then the proceeded to offer insurance & why I should have it & the advantage of pre-pay for gasoline. Never was it mentioned that by accepting to take the Camry I had made a vehicle upgrade. I found this out when I returned the vehicle.

I feel your customer service training is sadly lacking when your associates do not inform a customer when they have made an upgrade or the vehicle being offered as an alternate is in fact an upgrade.

This lack of concern and communication by Hertz associates cost to me an additional $945. As a senior citizens my wife & I watch our pennies. From now on I will be extremely aware of what can happen at Hertz rental counters, I will also never frequent a Hertz facility again.