Thursday, March 31, 2016

HostGator Customer Service is Completely Broken

I have been a HostGator customer for almost 5 years now. The entire time I have been loyal, paid hundreds if not thousands in web hosting fees. Never any complaints. Until now.

Here is what has happened. About a year ago I got double billed for web hosting I did not need anymore. So, I called HostGator and sat on hold for 20 minutes. Then, I got online and tried web chat, and waited on hold again. Then I filed a support ticket.

Guest what? A year later the support ticket has never been closed out. Yes in my account the original ticket is still open. I had to file a support request to close a support request. Wow.

Needless to say, I finally cancelled that credit card and solved it on my own. Well now we are here a year later and I got billed for hosting without authorization. They just tried to billed me, it got rejected, and then they shut my website down.

The communication, process, customer service, and everything else about HostGator seems completely broken at this point. And it shows with the hundreds of negative reviews online I can easily find.